” Intel has come to us, about the hideout of the Kingslayers, spreading throughout the Timeline – Reasons for they splitting throughout the Timeline, I can guarantee is for no good intention.”

” Hmm, If Anansi’s First attempt to mess up with the Timeline was a Trick, then it means it was part of his plan. Part of his So called kente Ritual. Looking at The Space Time Continuum it can be compared to A thin long thread. And according to Ancestral arts there are existence of other universes or Realms each with a different space time Continuum.

It can be possible that Anansi can pick a Timeline of One of these Multiple strands of Time and weave it into our universe as well as the others.” I thought.

” Hmm, it can be true. Well you will have to get to Ethiopia, and investigate The activities of the mythical legends.” Grandpa said.

” He’s already weaved an Aspect of Time, by using my eye. I won’t allow that to happen next time.” I reminisced.

YEAR: 1529





The Sun blazed angrily towards the black nile,as the slowly moving water reflected the beauty of the ever gold sun. Meters away from the Nile stood the huge luxuriant kingdom of Abyssinia. The Nile suddenly began to bubble like water on fire. Then a strange clockwork symbol of Glowing blue lights appeared on it, causing powerful ripples across the silent black Nile.

Nine Souls emerged from the water in liquid form, their entire bodies made of water, As if we were created from water itself, few seconds passed as our True bodies formed out of the Nile, As we landed on the grassy plains near the longest river, in the world. It was remarkable, to Time Travel through the longest river, I had never imagined myself even staring at this river from a plane. But here I was standing closest to it. Even emerged from it. Basically we emerged from the source of the dark blue Nile, which seemed to be filled with fertile soil it washed away from the land. We emerged from Lake Tana.

My eyes roamed the Entire area. As the sun caused me to crease my brows, It was hot and the wind in itself was of old. We appeared in what we call the Early stages of The world.

” Ahhh, Home.” Queen Makeda said with a warm smile, as her black smooth silky hair reflected the Ray’s of the Sun, Her beautiful eyes stretched towards the Direction of the Empire of Abyssinia. The hot wind rustled through our bodies as if walking all over us.

” This is Ethiopia???” Okomfo Anokye asked looking at the same direction as Queen Makeda.

” Quite a big interesting Empire I see.” Tohazie added, as he arranged some arrows in his kit.

” We are in the year March, 1529 Ethiopia, Few days before the Shimbra Kura war” whiles I said these Queen Makeda seemed to be bowing to the Great Nile, as if thanking it or something.

” Thank You Great Abay for your Protection of Old And New, she whispered to the River and stood to her feet once more. We all watched her in silence.

” River Abay is the Greatest weapon of we the Abyssinians, it has served and protected us for ages, I need to pay my respects to the Great River Abay.’ she said.

” River Abay huh??” I said and turned my eyes to to the Empire.

” We all know how this war, will end up. The Adals will win against Emperor Dawit the Second and his men. Well since we know the Kingslayers are around here, we know their aim is to no good. We will have to split into two teams then.” I said.

” Yh, exactly” Yaa Asantewaa responded, as we all stood near the black River thinking of an approach to Trace The Kingslayers.

Well, Queen Makeda, Shango,Togbe Tsali and Queen Amina, you Four will have to head towards the Adals Empire. Make sure to track the Kingslayers, As Time Lord Okokroko said they are to no good.

I, Tohazie, Anokye, Yaa Asantewaa and Asebu will approach the Abyssinian Empire. Good luck guys – I said whiles giving each of these Ancient warriors ear buds so we could communicate from a wide range distance.

” Mmmm, Ear buds huh? Interesting Technology. Child.” Queen Amina commented, as she clapped her palms together causing powerful blue Glowing phantom like Horses which Slowly forged from her body, electric current began to emanate from her – her horses were pure Ashe, with no physical skin. It was Soo amazing.

” What are you guys waiting for ride on.” She said as the other legends sat on these strange Energy like Horses, which she had created out of her Ashe. The Horses galloped out of our presence throwing dust into the Air. They were damn fast.

For A moment I stood watching in silence as they rode Eastward to The Empire of Adal, the beauty of the strange glowing horses rode under the brilliant Sun of the east. Now these guys could travel far from me to handle a mission, due to my little control over my right eye.

” Can we go now.” Yaa Asantewaa urged, I press the button at the side of the pocket watch causing a small twirl of Sand to change my outfit, same For Anokye and the others, we did not have to look like outsiders in that kingdom otherwise we would be caught. It was a caution taken by every Time Walker. Few months ago, I would have believed this to be magic, but it was not. It was something else, A science beyond Science is what they called it. The Indept study of Ashe.

I wondered what that Cute Teacher would say back in the present if she came to class and I was No where to be found. Well, I had to protect the Timeline from the Savages who ripped my friends apart during the last battle back in 1660, in Anyinam.

Our outfits changed into Ethiopian Habesha suits, usually a long sleeved knee length shirt, with matching pants and kuta wrapped around our suits. As to Yaa Asantewaa, her outfit changed into a long grey habesha ware, as she covered her hair with a netela. Suddenly something unusual happened, as we heard the ground rumble, Something was coming at us, something dangerous.

” What is that???” Anokye Asked as we all became extremely alert, I activated my eye and saw it for myself. A catoblepas!!, You wouldn’t know what it is either, I also didn’t know until I studied about their existence in the strange book Grandfather handed to me.

I was neither surprised nor shocked when I saw them grazing angrily towards us, but what baffled me was my first sight at them, I had never seen them before, only read about them These creatures were four feet high, with four foot dragon wings, the interesting thing about these guys was that they couldn’t fly, but woe to you if you looked them directly into their eyes, a pillar of stone you would become.

” Guy!! Be ready, They are many of them, these guys usually roam the nile, with their heads very close to the ground, don’t make a mistake looking into their eyes.” I ordered as the Ancient Legends surrounded me wielding each their weapons.

Ready to usher in fatal attacks against these mythical beings of Ethiopia. As they got closer they began to Sprint towards us, But Yaa Asantewaa using her advanced sniper gun kept shooting at these creatures with skill and precision, Tohazie aimed his Arrow towards the Sky as he shot the arrow towards the wind.

” What in earth was he aiming for??” I asked myself as tension grew more around the Area with the presence of these strange creatures protecting the Nile. As the Arrow got to the sky, it multiplied mysteriously striking down at the creatures like Lightening rain.

To the legends these creatures were no match for them. Within minutes they had defeated them all, not even allowing a single one to get close to me. Asebu on the other hand struck the very earth with One Arm causing a powerful shockwave which threw away the creatures violently.

It was all good, as Grandpa said you can’t Time Travel without doing your research, So I headed to this advice and used my special book to it’s greatest advantage.

” Hmm, It seems all the Mythicals are under Kweku Anansi I guess.”

” It seems so.” Asebu said with his thick heavy voice. He was tall, mascular and brave.

We all raced towards the sides of the giant walls in order not to be Traced by the guards who moved to and fro. As we got closer to the wall, Anokye ordered us to cling to his body as we all vanished in a swirling of gold sand.

The Kingdom was indeed a vast One, as chattering noises choked the Air, people of all families moved to and fro, all attending to their daily businesses, their Architecture oh their Architecture was a great marvel.

Huge stone pillars carved out of granite, Christian rock Churches carved out of pure rock, monolithic steles, mausoleums, great palaces, Multi story building techniques of all sorts, then I beheld the great Stela of King Ezana, that was when I realized we Teleported to the Main capital of Abyssinia, Axum.

Our eyes roamed the great capital, of nobles, churches carved out of rock were built in high hills, we could see the great palace of Emperor Dawit the second.

” This place is remarkable” Yaa Asantewaa exclaimed.

” We have to start work.” I ordered.

We satisfied our eyes with the mesmerizing city, we split into two teams, I joined Anokye and Tohazie, whiles Asebu went along with Yaa Asantewaa.

We were on the search for the Kingslayers, they were present in the capital and we had to find them before anything bad happened. Since it was few days to the war, young men of the Kingdom were picked from streets to join the Military.

Abyssinian soldiers walked around, with stern looking dark brown faces, as they wielded Long rifles, and Spears all strapped behind their long white war garments, walking Barefoot on the Brown hot earth.

” You, and the man with the white hair, red hair, follow us! ” One of the Warriors called out on us. He spoke in Ge’ez a language of the Abyssinian. His voice was deep and merciless, We joined the queue of men and young lads like me, who marched towards the palace.

The mission was just about to begin, for I beheld a strange soul watch us from afar, as the wind Billowed his cloak, My strange eyes activated and I saw clearly The Main legend of the Ethiopians, the one who was believed to par against the great Archiless – His name was Memnon. Memnon the King of Ethiopia, believed to have been trained by strange nymphs. So he was real??? I was a Demi god?? Like Kweku Anansi himself?? All I could do was stare in Grand shock, until I was kicked violently to the ground by one of the Warriors.

This mission was about to get really, really ugly. As I observed I came to understand Kweku Anansi’s power. His power to control myth.


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