YEAR:: 1529





With Togbe Tsali’s earth manipulation skills we were able to appear within the walls of the Great Islamic Kingdom without being noticed. Huge dome shaped buildings stacked the empire, it was a busy place.

People moving to and fro under the hot blazing sun of the east. Our eyes roamed through the city as we walked through the crowd, It was dazzling with human speech, Aramaic was the main language of theirs.

A war, would be fought in some few days to come, And as much as the Abyssinian Kingdom took young souls from the market and homes, preparing them for war. The same was happening here.

The air was heavy with all sorts of fish as we trailed through the Market.

” Quiet Interesting.” Togbe Tsali praised.

” Hmm,” Queen Makeda sighed, her eyes said everything thing about what she had in mind. Her hatred had grown quiet deep. And we needed to curb it. For as a Queen of the Ethiopians she wished her people would have won this coming war. It was only natural for her to feel that way.

” Queen Makeda, don’t forget our mission here. The smallest mistake we would do, and we will affect the Timeline.” I advised.

All she did was shake her head in agreement and led the way, through the crowd. We appeared before it The Greatest and oldest Mosque. Zeila’s Two Mihrab Masjid al-Qiblatayn. We saw a number of people moving in and out to worship, perhaps praying for victory for their kingdom, who knows.

” Amina.” Shango whispered my name.

” Let’s follow them – I sense unusual Ashe from them ” he whispered into my ears, as my eyes fell straight towards the figures in White and red robes.

” The color of the Kingslayers!!, Their Black Rose Symbols too??” I gasped in shock. I and my team trailed as they entered the Oldest Mosque in Africa., We were clad in black robes as well, as we hid our faces from the eyes of men. I, Shango, Queen Makeda and Togbe Tsali followed with haste and shrewdness in order not to be seen.

As their bodies were completely swallowed by the darkness within the mosque, we followed as well. It was huge, spacious filled with the Citizens of Adal who were in a deep pool of prayer to their God. Prostrating themselves in prayer. Worshipping Allah.

My eyes scanned the huge spacious Mosque, beautifully designed with every ounce of strength, skill and craftsmanship. Praise be on to the hardworking of the men who built this magnificent structure of Old.

We saw The Figures clad in White and red robes walk into another Chamber, we did follow suit. Appearing in a strange, unusual room, it was filled with a strange smell, and unusual hummings.

” What is this place??” Togbe asked in a whisper, which spread through the room like a buzzing fly.

” Silence!” I whispered back, but it seems our inability to stay low key blew up. The cloaked figures took out Glass pommels from within their cloaks. Strange transparent Crystal pommels filled with water.

” Time Rogues??” Queen Makeda said in shock, as they jolted towards us with lightening speed, the water filled pommels stretched into long water forged Akrafena blades, swinging it towards us with Swift swordsmanship skills, Seven of these ones attacking us from all directions as we dodged skillfully. I realized an eighth one escaping through a window as I chased towards him like a cheetah does to it’s prey.

I climbed with speed, hopping like A frog from dome roof to dome roof, my Culprit running away under the setting sun of the west. My team dealt with the seven, as I chased without looking back. He was fast very fast!!! And I needed to move at the same pace.

He came to a halt, and I did same panting profusely with beads of sweat dripping from my body, he faced me head on, it seemed he had given up. He took off his hoodie revealing his face. Beautiful, big bright blue eyes, his skin was of chocolate mixed with fine honey, his lips as pink as flowers of the eastern shore. His hair was dark and smooth as midnight, he smelled of roses, tall, mascular everything a Woman would want in a man. Even more.

My eyes could do nothing but watch into the face of this beautiful Soul of Man. His eyes were ever charming, as I kept moving closer and closer to him, to his chest to his face. His charm had won over me. Then I struck my sickle through his heart as fast as I could.

” Sorry Kishi, It seems your Charms couldn’t work on me, Vile soul!” I said with a smirk, for I knew the ways of Angola’s Mythical legend Kishi. Behind his face was the face of a Hyena as he fell prostrate to the roof before my cold sturdy eyes. Blood flowing like a stream from within his heart. His blood was Soo pure, it looked like the red roses of Kenya.

” Hahahaha – Nice try, Queen Amina of Zaira.” I heard a voice shout from Behind. The body which fell before me Turned into black sand, and moved away with the Winds of Adal. My eyes bulged in shock. Time Walkers were mainly trained with this technique, for them to replicate their Ashe.

” Damn it! Black sand Replica.” I should have known, I shouldn’t have let my guard down. How could I believe that I killed a Kingslayer that easy. He stood few meters behind me.

” What is your reason for coming here??, what is your reason for gathering more Time Rogues and other followers??” I angrily asked, wielding two of my sleek silver sickle swords with strange glowing Writings engraved on it’s Divine skin of pure silver.

” Hmm! To weave Time.” He answered with a charming smile of his. My heart striking against my chest like a mother does to scold her child who has gone wrong.

My eye Soo keen and study towards my opponent, my hands gripped my sickles twice as hard. Making a stance.

” What do you mean to weave Time??”

” Haha,So naive- well you don’t deserve to know Princess!!” He teased and Sprint towards me with his extremely sharp claws, moving his hands violently towards my head swinging his claws at me as I arched backwards escaping his first attack, and flipping backwards few meters from him.

” You are a quick one, Amina” he teased, my eyes stared in the Greatest caution, so keen and focused towards my opponent.


Makeda moved closer to one of the battered Time Rogues on the floor holding him by the collor of his cloak, as her eyes turned blazing pink, Veering through the thoughts of the Time rogue.

She gasps after reading the mind of the Rogue.

” What did you see??” Togbe asked.

” There are Two more Kingslayers here in Adal, Kishi and the likes of Tokoloshe, it seems they plan on murdering the King for something, hidden somewhere.” Makeda informed.

” Killing the King of Adal for something hidden???” Shango asked.

” Where is Amina??” Shango asked looking to where both Amina and Kishi escaped through.

” Am okay, guys- as at now am really busy right now, you guys should handle the rest, find the other Kingslayer Tokoloshe, I’m dealing with Kishi here.” I ordered, as I and Kishi engaged into an extremely fast hand to hand combat, Throwing his legs and fist In all directions as I blocked, cartwheeled and exchanged punch and kicks which he dodged.

Throwing his right arm directly at me, I move down to escape the flying blow, as I used a Sommer Sault kick, hitting his jaw which sent him flying backwards. I raced towards him with my long sharp sickle swinging it in all directions, as he kept dodging my concurrent sickle attacks.

He pounces backwards into the Air, claps his palms and realeases a powerful Sonic Scream at my very being which threw me several meters away from roof to roof, my back screeching against the roof as I was blown away by the Sonic Scream.

‘Sonic waves, I see.’ I said and clapped my palms as my entire being began to feel hot, electric current ranning all over my body, as Blue glowing Ashe formed warriors emerged from my body, my eyes glowing.

” ANCIENT ART: PHANTOM” I said activating the power within my very soul, My two warriors of Glowing Ashe stood to my left and right – each wielding a long powerful sickle, their eyes were as cold as Midnight.

He only watched in Despair. As I moved together with my warriors with the speed of a wild cat. He unleashed a powerful Sonic wave at me,which destroyed parts of the roof whiles approaching Wildly. My Phantom warriors used their huge circular shield to which they held to protect me from the unusual wave.

It seemed to me that he had increased his Sound frequency, cause the wave to which my soldiers Blocked was a Powerful One Indeed, a powerful gush of wind behind it, which tried pushing away the hard rooted soldiers of mine.

Is that all you have?? Is that all you can do??” I teased as my soldiers rushed with lightening speed towards him attacking with every skill possible, he was a fast one, but not as fast as he thought, as my warriors kept cutting through his flesh with their glowing sickles of war.

” How dare you defy my power!!” Kishi said angrily as he began mumbling strange words. A strange gust of wind began to blow over my skin which was created with the color of a chocolate bar. My brows creased to his mumbling. Within a spill second I felt my throat choke, my veins popping out all over my neck.

His huge clawed arm gripped my neck so strong, so deep it looked as if he was squeezing it, His Ugly Hyena face was the one in sight now. His angry eyes looked like burning flames ready to burn a village down to Ashes.

I did not see when and where he moved. His speed was something else. He bypassed my warriors who stood meters away from me, where he stood at first. And now his strange huge hands entangled my slim neck, squeezing it with rage. Rage that I felt burnt through his every being.

” You do not know what I have gone through Time Walker, You do not know!! I have Gotten a soul, who truly wants to bring my dream to life, and you want to use your filthy hands to stop him?? I shan’t allow, I will not!!!” I felt the Oxygen within me escape from within my soul, my mouth gasping for air, my eyes looking directly into the clouds of the Ancient world, then I died. I died in his grip.

He stood smiling with joy, he was happy he did. Until, I grabbed his feet from under the roof. My power was quite interesting, I was like a ghost. My body in his grip turned into sand. Before he could do anything the swords of my warriors ripped through his chest. His eyes, shaking and shivering this Time I got him.

As his body fell on the roof, numb and weak. His eyes were pitiful, like he had regreted something. He seemed to tell me something, he wanted to, for the first time I felt some compassion for my rival. His eyes were sad, full of regret. Then he said.

” Please save the world, The way you see it fit, if mine was wrong, I only did it for my sister. I only did it for the one who loved my wretched soul, I saved her several times by Time traveling backwards, and she always refused to follow me. I did all this for her.” He said with tears falling from his eyes, behind those eyes of sorrow was a story he never told Anyone. But I could see it, because Berima could see it, even from where he was in the Abyssinian Empire.

The Tale of Kishi.


Far, far away in the southern part of Africa, dwelled a village within the plains of Angola. I was born to Two parents whom I never knew their names. Do you know why???

Because as soon as I was born, Both Parents of mine grew scared of my physical being, My two headed face. They called me a cursed soul, and under the darkness of the night, without allowing anyone to see, they left me in a forest for the hyenas of the Night to feed on my fragile soul.

I was gone, I was forgotten. Interesting enough the hyenas took my fragile soul under their care, despite of my human structure, they looked at my Hyena face which was hidden behind my long hair, The saw Hyena in me, and catered for me in the bush of The forgotten forests.

But someone always visited, When I had lived six years on this Twisted world of hatred. Someone, a Human she was, she told me everything about that ghastly night when my parents forsaked my soul to the curses of the wild.

She always visited, bringing Me food, not only for me, but to the Hyenas as well, she was loved and we’ll Respected, a beautiful young girl who was in her sixteenth year of her life. Her skin was so brown, the moon and sun always praised her beauty by showering their Ray’s upon her kind soul.

And that day came, When my hatred for man grew ever stronger, She was burnt, before the Village, accused of seeing an Evil spirit which dwelled amongst the forest – Me. They burnt her, the fire cutting through her beautiful skin like a thousand blades. The dark flames burnt her dry and black. I was too late, I couldn’t save her.

The only one who cared for my cursed soul was gone, She was betrayed by a friend of hers, she once Brought along with her. Even tho I was less happy, but I had to be Happy for my elder sister, for seeing her unhappy was a curse to my fragile soul.

I avenged her, killing everyone of those who were responsible for her death, I killed and ate their souls, especially the women of the Village who envied her very blessed beauty. Until I met Him, The Man who remembered me of my sister. He helped me, his aim was my aim.

Kweku Anansi – defeated me in a battle, And promised me, He would save the world, The world to which I wanted to destroy Soo badly – Do you know why I wanted to save Mankind?? Because of her. She told me this.

” Kishi – Rage is only a pest which consumes the soul of an Innocent mind. Even if I am killed, do not thirst for revenge, but thirst to save the world for those who exist like me.” Her words cut through my soul like a sharp knife. From that day, I followed Anansi in achieving his quest to save the world from a certain future he saw. To stop Time From moving into that future..

My story you see is a sad one, to be hated by your own parents is the saddest of all, and to lost the only person who loved you, Is a curse……


Were all the Kingslayers sorrowful??? Were their lives that cursed???? I asked myself. The more I get to fight my enemy, is when I understand his choice of hatred more. Kishi had died, dying to save the world, Dying to protect and resurrect his Sister.

Was he really Evil?? I asked as his body turned into gold flares, ascending into the ancient clouds, I looked to the skies, I looked down on the People moving through the Night, The Night had ended already. A day to the war I suppose.

” Am sorry, Queen Amina.” BERIMA said through the Ear bud, he gave us all. It seems he saw what I saw. He saw his Past. And that saddened our young Commander.

” I know you are, Berima – This is reality, Young Soul.” I replied. As I took my leave to join the others.


” Wake up!” A voice called in my sleep, during the night in the barracks of the soldiers, within the tent to which I and Anokye lay, I opened my eyes and beheld his tall mascular figure, Seven feet he would be I assumed.

His skin was choclate, his hair was dark, his eyes wide and bright. Memnon the legend of Ethiopia stood before my eyes, clad in an Ash hooded cloak.

” So good to see you again Anokye” He said with a warm smile as Anokye Awoke from sleep.

” You guys know each other??”

” Yh, Your Grandfather is a legend among legends you know.” He said with a smile.

” Follow me now!” He urged as we escaped through the Barracks, aiming for the roofs of the Giant, great palace. Memnon knew the inside and out of the Palace.

” I thought you said, you quit working with the legends, and wanted to go on a holiday.” Anokye said.

” Come on! All we did was sit in that Grand palace of ours Talking about staff, And sending out the Time Sapasinis to deal with Time threats, we ourselves could not Time Travel for long. Thanks to his grandson’s Power it has been possible to keep us stable whiles Time Traveling. It was boring sitting all day in the palace you know.” Memnon complained.

” Hmm, So would you join us, after this mission???” Anokye asked.

” Oh please!! You guys have the strongest Combo ever, after this mission am going back to Clockwork forest to continue my nap.”

” Huh?? Then why are you here??”

” I can’t sit whiles someone tries to mess up the Timeline of my country.” He said.

As we trailed along the roof of the palace, hidden within the darkness we came close to the Council room, where we beheld Emperor Dawit II sitting on his throne in a relaxed manner, as a man stood before him.

” A Kingslayer???” We all said in shock.

” Good evening to your Glorious soul – my Emperor.” The Man said with a smile as he payed an act of bowing before the dark skinned King.

” The Vision you showed me. The future of the coming war – how do you believe, I can change it, My Army has to win. The Adals have to bow before my throne.” He said, his dark eyes thirst for power for victory.

” You well know, The Prime Cost of Changing the Future, Your Greatness, you well know the cost.” The cunning soul spoke, every word which walked out of his mouth was for a specific purpose.

” The Mask, shall be granted to you willingly, If you help me win this war.”

” Mask???” Anokye said in shock.

Suddenly my eyes began to cause severe pain, then current of electricity began to leak from it, as I screamed loudly in pain, and fell, Anokye and Memnon saved me as fast as they could escaping with me from the palace.

My eye, kept causing me severe pain, it was as if someone carved a dagger within my eye balls. I kept screaming and screaming Soo loud.

Togbe Tsali, Queen Amina, Shango and Queen Makeda, began to feel an unusual heart attack, At the Empire of Adal, The four began to feel dizzy all of a suddenly. Same was For Yaa Asantewaa and Asebu the giant who roamed the night for evidence of the Kingslayers.

” Anokye, You will have to try and teleport the other legends here, Immediately!! You guys are not supposed to leave the Young lad’s side at all. You should always be together. Together you guys are stronger than anything – separated and you guys are weak as hell.

It’s a secret non of your Rivals should know.” Memnon said, with great alertness. His eyes were Soo keen. As Anokye vanished in a swirling of gold dust.

My eyes slowly closed, not knowing where I was, Then I fell unconscious.

Within few Minutes Anokye arrived with the other legends. Who all gathered around Berima completely worried.

” How is he??” Yaa Asantewaa asked

” Things are really getting bad here.” Tohazie arrived panting.

” Memnon??? What are you doing here??” Queen Makeda asked in Ge’ez Language. As her eyes opened wide in shock.

” To help stop the Kingslayers, have heard how dangerous these guys are.” He added.

” In the Council Room, the Emperor and One of the Kingslayers spoke of a certain mask, we were not able to get the rest of the information. ” Memnon informed.

” But I did.” Tohazie answered.

” When I came to the barracks, you were deeply asleep, so we decided to leave you be, hmm No wonder you are the great Red Hunter.” Memnon praised.

” Hmm, The Kingslayer who was in the Council with Emperor Dawit, was Oro the Yoruba Forest God. He summoned an army of Tree Men before the King. He’s traded his army of giant tree warriors for the Mask.” Tohazie informed with stern eyes, as all Nine legends stood in the small Apartment, which was lit with candles on it’s walls.

The night was cold and silent outside. And Berima still lay on the small sack like mat, in an unconscious state.

” We are never supposed to leave Berima’s side anymore??” Queen Makeda asked.

” Yuh, I thought he said he has Mastered his power and hence we can travel far whiles handling missions.” Queen Amina added.

” Well, as much as, The Young Harbringer’s Eyes are extremely Powerful it has its own extreme weakness – and same is for you guys. His eye begins to realease unstable Ashe when you guys move far from it. Hence you guys will need to be around to stabilize it.

As his eye also stabilizes your presence during Time Travel- you guys should always be together like The Avengers Time Lord Okokroko likes watching in the Hollywood channel with us.” Memnon advised.

” Well noted then. So if Emperor Dawit the Second has an Army of giant Tree warriors, It’s obvious he would win the war.” Anokye reasoned.

” The Mask, how useful is it?? Why does Anansi needs it that much??” Togbe asked.

” His book is the only thing that can answer the question about the Mask and where it is hidden. Because Oro asked of The Code to access the Hidden Mask.”

” The Mask?? King Ezana and I found it in a strange land, and decided to keep it hidden because of it’s beauty.” Queen Makeda said as her mind dawned on what they spoke about.

” You know of the Mask???” Yaa Asantewaa asked all surprised.

” Yh, it’s made of all kinds of Precious stones, and gold. When we found it, it was broken in pieces, Non of our gold and black smiths could join it, no matter the skill they used. It was strange.

King Ezana advised we hid it because of it’s beauty. Well The King had Me clear it’s hidden place from both of our minds.” The Queen informed, as the entire room became Soo quite. All eyes and ears directed to the beautiful queen.

” You erased your minds in it’s hiding place?? Why??” Asebu asked, he rarely spoke, he loved Actions than words.

” We were attacked by strange people, because of it. These ones were not humans to be precise. We knew and believed it possessed some kind of power, so we hid it for good in fear of it falling into the wrong hands.” As Queen Makeda said these words I Rose from my slumber to meet the intent eye of the legends.

Staring at me as I woke up. It seemed my eye had calmed. My head span a little, but I was okay.

” Hey, you good??” Yaa Asantewaa asked.

The legends they really cared about me, as if I was their only child.

” I overheard you guys in sleep.” I answered as I picked my strange book from my masked designed bagpack.

I took a pen from my pocket and wrote these


Ga Samai Symbols kept appearing on the book as usual, giving me Intel on the Mask.

All the legends were eager to know what it really was, and it’s power.

I could only gasp and said these words.

” The source to the Kente Ritual?????, In King Ezana’s Obelisk.????”

” The great Obelisk???” Queen Makeda said in shock.

” What is Soo special about this mask you speak of??” Shango asks.

” It’s some kind of Map. When worn it reveals the hidden Relics to it’s wearer. The oldest relics of Africa – THE SHARDS OF TIME.” I informed reading from my strange book.

” With the Shards of Time, You can weave the Timeline, Stop it from moving, cause Anachrosims, Apparitions, Alot.” Memnon answered.

” All the Shards have been Hidden away. Anansi’s plan was to get access to the mask, and get his hands on the hidden shards. We need to find a way to stop The Tree Men, and get the Mask at the same time.” I thought.

” The Sultanate would be murdered this night by one of the Kingslayers, we need to stop them and fast!” Queen Amina alerted.

” Yaa Asantewaa.” I called as all legends followed me outside, we climbed to the highest point in the Kingdom.

” What are we doing here???” Shango asked confused, As Queen Amina was completely disturbed. If Imam Ahmad Gragn is murdered, it would affect the Space Time Continuum, I thought.

Imam Ahmad was the Commander of the Adal Forces in the upcoming war. The Kingslayers had traded to help the ABYSSINIAN EMPIRE by giving it it’s utmost help in order to get access to the mask.


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