The world is filled with completely strange phenomena, that basic science is incapable of explaining. And when such things cannot be explained humans call and believe it as miracles and magic.

But the fact is there is a unique science capable of explaining the unexplained. A unique science only extremely intelligent ones have the gift to explain. They sometimes call this Science Ancestral Arts. And also call it. The Ashe Field Theory. The study and Manipulation of Ashe.


Bonds broken, Enemies Forged, Love Lost and Death calls to the Souls of Seven.

Myth is what men believe them to be, Fallacy and Apparitions are what mortal souls call them. But all thee are lies spoken by the very mouth of gods. For fear of the Seven Souls. Six be Men and One Be A child of Arrogance and Bravery, Intelligence and Love. The Future Beyond, The Future Behind and The Future at Present is Only but a curse to the Very souls of Seven.

Forgotten Is Gone, Remember Is Come, Forever Is Stay. So are the words of the cursed souls. For the eyes Of Seven, See Seven Times Beyond, Seven Times Behind and Seven Times into the Future.

Forgotten Is Gone, Remember Is Come and Forever Is stay.”

Kweku Anansi repeated this poem before my eyes, he was my new headmaster, something I could not phatom, and the strange hot girl standing behind me was Beenu the Phoenix of Egypt. The one Grandfather warned me about. My heart was beating Soo fast.

” I can see clearly how shocked you are Berima.” Anansi taunts.

I stood silent, watching then I smiled.

” As expected of you, Kweku Anansi. You never seem to surprise me, Interesting to see you are now my headmaster. Very interesting” I said confidently all of a sudden I was no more scared, no more shocked I was calm, to the extent he was even shocked at my calmness.

” So what brings You here Anansi??” I asked.

” Hmm, you did well back in 1529 with the Shimbra Kura war. I hope you saw their past when you ended the lives of my men.” He said.

” Damn it! You also can see a person’s past???”

” Haha. Berima. The Power of your Right Eye has been studied for ages By both we the Elder Ones and the Cosmic Linguists as well. If you knew the ultimate power of your Eye. You would have chosen to rule the Timeline by now.”

” What do you mean by that, Anansi?? Is that why you’ve come here to my school?? To tell me about my eye??” I said with a pinch of anger, as my brows knitted. And my strange eyes activated again. The Young pretty girl stood silently behind watching. The Phoenix of Egypt.

Grandfather told me how dangerous she was. And I was very careful as I stood there between the Maw of my enemies.

” I came here for her”He said.

Suddenly A strange tree grew rapidly behind me, vomiting out Aranaa and returning back to the ground.

I opened my mouth in shock, my heart throbbing, crushing against my chest as if it wanted to rip it. I rushed down towards her clinging her to my bossom. She was really cold, way too cold. She coughed and coughed feeling unwell, her light skin reddened, her uniform was untidy, that was unlike Aranaa. She had been kidnapped for days.

” Are you okay???” I asked. She nodded.

Damn the Aranaa in the class was a complete fake. I should have known.

” Aranaa Vanderpujie is it?” Anansi said with a smile.

” Damn you!! Anansi where are the rest of my friends???” I asked angrily. I was Soo angry. How dare he did this to Aranaa?? How dare he??? Poor me tho. For I Berima was extremely weak in combat. Before Anansi I was only An Infant before a lion. I was useless.

” Hmm, I have no interest in the others Berima. Only her.” Anansi said with a smirk.

” How dare you??? What do you want from her???”

” I have asked her several Times, and she seems to be pretty Stubborn. Hmm, Time Walkers of the Shrine sure are stubborn souls.”

” Aranaa is from a noble Tribe of Mask Forgers, An ancient bloodline of Mask Forgers in Nigerian culture, she has always hidden her Bloodline name from people. We need her to fix the mask, but she has refused to fix the Masquerader’s Edge.”

” What do you intend to do?? Berima?? You are to tell her to Fix the Broken Mask or else. Everyone else in your class would die!, Don’t forget I have a fake in there.” Anansi threatened, with a calm evil smile.

What would I do now?? I became tensed, as I held Weak Aranaa in my arms. The legends were not here to help me either. If I could get the chance to summorn them here with my Pocket clock. They would have beat up Anansi blue and black. But that would only create more tension and Destruction in the school.

I had no choice but to save Aranaa from the Web of Anansi. My left hand dived slowly into my pocket. I was about to cause a Dangerous scene here. Summoning the Legends.

If I said Yes to Anansi’s Proposal. It would only bring doom to us all, The Timeline will be affected. The fact of the matter was that I could only summorn two of the Legends, with the help of the pocket clock. I had not yet reach the level of summoning all Eight at a Time.

Which of them would I summorn I asked myself In thought. Beenu was standing right behind me, whiles Oro the Forest God, hid underground. Anansi stood right before my eyes.

” Am waiting for your Answer, Young Soul.” Anansi said.

” My answer you say.” I said activating my pocket clock, within my pocket. A strange surge of wind began to blow around. It was Soo cold and chilly both Anansi and Beenu felt it. Then I threw A kente looking handerchief of mine to the floor.

” Damn You Berima!!” Anansi said Immediately he caught sight of the Handkerchief. It mysteriously began to glow bright as electric current began to emanate from it, Suddenly it began to twirl rapidly before our eyes, creating a more chilly wind, as it blew books away from the desk, and other things around.

The Glowing kente handkerchief, I threw behind me, Began expanding as it twirled. Beenu dashed immediately to stand on The desk of Anansi, as Oro immediately appeared from the Ground standing by Anansi.

They were protecting him.

” A teleportation cloak I see.” Anansi said.

Suddenly the huge glowing kente cloak surrounded both Aranaa and I as it began to twirl ever rapid, ever faster. Vanishing together with us from the office.

The truth is, My eye was the only power which could Summorn the legends anywhere I was. But I had not yet gotten to that level.

” Hmm, Never knew he had that up his sleeve.” Beenu said with a smirk.

” The kid is quiet an interesting soul.” Oro commented.

” Hmm, Right now that he is gone with Aranaa, how do we fix the Mask??” Beenu asked.

” We have no other option than to Time Travel to a village in the Yorubaland. I guess we can find a Mask Forger there. Even tho such guys are kept extremely secret and hidden. I am sure we can find ourselves one.”

” Huh?? Then why go through all this trouble of capturing Aranaa?” Oro complained.

” Hmm, Aranaa you see, is a rare soul just like The legends. She’s a Masquerader. And therefore it would have been easier and faster if she had fixed the broken mask for us.”

” I see. A rare soul huh?? Those with Gold colored Ashe.” Oro said.

“CLOSING PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!” A loud scream was heard from the School compound as the noise of rushing students filled the silent air of the atmosphere.

” The closing bell has been rang. It’s about Time we left to Our Base.” Anansi said as He and the two slowly sank into the ground.

” What about the Homunculus??” Beenu asked.

” Hmm, she already knows what to do.” Anansi said with an Evil smile.


Copyright © 2019 by Darius Kwabena Partey

All rights reserved. No Copy and Paste. Unlawful copy of this piece is prohibited. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at the address below.


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