The closing bells had rang and the school was nearly empty, Both I and Eda, walked to Aranaa’s class so we could walk home together.

As we both entered Her class, we saw something that caught us in great shock. She held one classmate of hers by the neck raising him high up. The class was filled with unconscious bodies, lying on the ground.

” Aranaa, what are you doing????” I asked out of great shock. It was unlike her. Even tho she was a mysterious girl and never enjoyed speaking to anyone, this scene was far away from her attitude.

Glowing Turquoise tech circuits engulfed her entire body.

” A Homunculus????” Eda said in shock, as she immediately took out her Crystal Pommels filled with glowing water. I did same.

” Hmm!! Friends of Aranaa I see.” Fake Aranaa said with an Evil smile. I moved with the speed of lightening as I swang my Water saber at her. She hopped backwards dropping the unconscious body on the floor, landing on one of the student desks.

I did same, as well as Eda. Both of us holding two Water Akrafena in both arms. The class was filled with tension. The Fake Aranaa looked so very dangerous. Her keen eyes were deadly, Green eyes just like Aranaa.

Glowing Tech markings all over her body. This was no doubt the Handiworks of a Cosmic linguist.

” You two look to be very strong. Time Walkers I see.” She commented with a cunning smile.

” Where the hell Is Aranaa????” I asked fuming with anger.

Clinging to both of my Akrafena, As we all stood on Desks. Facing opposite The Homunculus.

” Homunculus, Special Artificial humans created by elite Cosmic linguists. However these guys are granted special superhuman abilities as well, be careful Abam.” Eda told me.

” Homunculus are one of the Dangerous weapons ever created by Cosmic linguists. If we mess up here. It could kill everyone in the Area.” Eda added.

” I see, so the main point is not to let her out of the class huh??” I asked.

” Yes!! We are going to kick her butt right here.” Eda said, as she dashed towards the Homunculus, moving from desk to desk, I did same. Swinging our water swords to and fro with skill and precision.

She held in both hands of hers two sticks, which looked like branches of a tree. She struck both Sticks against each other, activating long leaf sabers on the stick. Counter attacking our Water saber attacks.

Hopping from desk to desk we clashed our sabers against each other in skill, spinning and cartwhelling in the air, moving at enhanced speed levels as well as using consistent acrobatic moves in attacking each other.

Swords cutting through walls, and shattering the Louvres in the class, the clashes of our sabers kept cutting through the silence in the class. Getting a chance to move much more closer to The Homunculus I swang my sword at her as she arched backwards, spinning on her hands, and smashing my head, with the right heel of hers, against the desk crushing me to the floor.

My head began to spin as I lay on the floor, Eda hopped into the air, spinning upside down as she landed like a bird behind the Homunculus striking a powerful punch right through her stomach which sent her crushing through the walls to the other class.

” You okay??” Eda asked as she moved closer to me on the floor.

We both rushed through the hole created in the wall to the next class. Eda rushed with top speed towards the Homunculus who tried standing to her feet. The Homunculus quickly took a desk using it as a shield against Eda’s attack as it cut in two. Eda’s water Akrafena ran through her body. As her eyes bulged out.

Did we get her?? I asked myself in thought.

” Damn it!! A replica!!!!” Eda said as The Homunculus turned into black sand.

” Where is she??” I asked. Looking around.

” Right here, big guy.” She said appearing out of nowhere before my eyes, thinking fast, I threw my kente handkerchief behind me as it absorbed me into it teleporting me from the position to which The Homunculus attacked.

I immediately reappeared near Eda. As we both moved attacking her once more, I kicked a desk towards her as she cut through with lightening speed, giving her a palm punch at her chin it threw her through the ceiling of the class, causing her to fall on top of the roof weakened.

Both I and Eda teleported on top of the roof. Feeling the dying Rays of the setting sun.

As we approached her on the roof, our Water Akrafenas gripped by both hands of ours.

” Where is Aranaa?? ” I asked pointing the Akrafena at her, as she lay on the roof.

” Hmph! Funny souls! – Mask On!!!!!!” The Homunculus shouted activating a strange African mask, with strange glowing markings engraved on it.

This was Aranaa’s true power. The Masquerade is what she called it, it was a deadly ability.

A surge of strange wind began to surround her being as she stood to her feet, both I and Eda hopped backwards. The atmosphere began to feel uneasy.

The two of us began to hold on strongly to our Akrafenas.

” Masque – A power which amplifies Ashe. Granting the wearer A strange speed, and Strange fighting skills – in order words the Mask she summoned in her face possessed her completely.”

She moved with a speed of light, even both of us could not track her as she held both of our heads with both hands of hers. I in the left and Eda on the right. She jumped into the Air as she threw us with extraordinary force, we crushed violently Through the roof downwards crushing through From class to class at an extraordinary momentum which landed us to the last floor of the school, landing and crushing with a big bang, spreading an amount of dust which Rose into the air of the empty class.

An ordinary human could not survive this. However due to we possessing a strange colored Ashe, our bodies were more durable.

We lay unconscious on the ground as she landed right through the holes we had created from above.

” Hmph!!! Weak!!!!” She said in a possessed voice.

Standing over our unconscious bodies, she stepped on my body as my body immediately turned into a puddle of water.

” What??? A replica??” She said in shock, only to realize that her legs slowly began to turn into salt.

” No – it’s a trap.” I said as I together with Eda appeared behind her. Within seconds her entire body turned completely into salt. As Eda Used her Water Akrafena to cut through her Salted body, which broke to shreads.

” Hmph, everything has been messed up here. I said, as we took out our pocket clocks using it’s Ability of mini time reversal to fix the broken Buildings, and staffs. Each of the broken and crushed walls returned to their Original forms.

Suddenly we had a call from our pocket clocks, revealing the face of Berima in a sand form.

” Guys, Aranaa is with me at clockwork shrine, we are currently at The CLOCKWORK Forest, She is quiet okay. You guys need to be here tho.” As he said these we drew the Nyame Duah on the floor, summoning a strange huge Giant colorful flower which appeared from beneath our feets swallowing us within it self and returning back to the ground. Our job here was done.


Copyright © 2019 by Darius Kwabena Partey

All rights reserved. No Copy and Paste. Unlawful copy of this piece is prohibited. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at the address below.


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