The place was silent and quiet, a strange room it was, a room of old. The year was 1957 in Ghana, few days for the country to gain it’s independence. The room was quite large and spacious, but it’s antique designs indicated which year it was.

It was heavy with the smell of old unused books. The Afternoon in 1957 was a bright one, people moving to and fro, mostly with Afro hair, walking with delight and joy under the calm Ghanaian Sun.

A Big TV stood at some part of the room, revealing it’s black and white screen as the news was being announced about the upcoming exciting news for Ghanaians. The Doctor Kwame Nkrumaj reigned through all radio and TV stations.

Kweku Anansi stood silently watching through the window of the Room, as he gazed silently outside. Seeing Man, woman and child move with joy on the Ghanaian streets of Cape coast. His face absorbing the beautiful Ray’s to which the sun showered down on his face. Feeling the Magnificent warmth of the Afternoon sun.

A calm afternoon it was, His azure eyes gazed down the streets with some sort of silence. As the other Kingslayers stood behind him, whiles some sat quietly with their eyes fixed on the black and white screen.

” Lord Anansi, both Oro and Aziza have been dispatched to the Fifteen hundreds to find A Mask Forger as you commanded.” Tokoloshe said.

” Good.” He responded.

” So what about the Berima boy? And the Homunculus??”Beenu asked.

” The child has grown more discreet and clever than before. Previously at the office, what you brought to me as Berima was not Berima himself, And the Homunculus, I believe the kids have defeated her. Clockwork Shrine sure is breeding some strong ones.” Anansi said, still gazing silently outside.

” Huh?? What do you mean by that Lord Anansi?? Are you saying it was a Time sand Replica??” Beenu said out of shock.

” Yes.” Anansi answered.

” Hmph. Very soon they shall rise from their slumber. And attack all Harbringers. We must work as fast as possible to attain the Seven Ancient Relicks to stop Time from moving.” Lord Anansi said as he turned to watch Six of the Kingslayers present before his Azure eyes.

” The PALANQUIN huh???” Adze the Vampire of The Ewe tribe Commented. He had beautiful long, white and dark Locks. With pure red crimson eyes. Tall and handsome, with a long scar on his right face. His skin was light.

” Yes – The PALANQUIN, Our Only hope to prevent what I saw in the Future. Is to get access to the Seven Ancient Relicks of Africa and stop Time from moving forward. In order Words to weave Time, what I call the Kente ritual.”

Aranaa lay unconscious on the pit of a thousand leaves, As two Cosmic linguists stood on opposite sides of the pit of leaves, I had never beheld Cosmic linguists before, but these ones were around the ages of twenty. I sat together with the others as we watched Aranaa levitate on top of the Rectangular pit of leaves, due to the movement of the Arms of the Cosmic linguists who crossed their legs and sat by the pit. A number of leaves with glowing veins slowly swirled around Aranaa, scanning her body as she suspended on the leaves.

” Cardiovascular faults, fractured bones, Bruises and burns. She enagaged in a battle I see.” One of the Linguists said, closing her eyes, as she moved her fingers, causing some of the hovering leaves to fall on the fractured parts of her body.

Suddenly Another of the Cosmic linguists came in with news, that my Grandfather was in, wants to see me, and hence I had to leave, immediately.

” See you guys back at school.” I said and exited the Automatic Waterfall Door, which gave me space to exit the Lab room.

” How is your Girlfriend doing??”

” What??? She is not my girlfriend Okay!! Why do people keep saying that?” I complained.

” Hmph, can see you are extremely worried about her. Hmph. You two are funny.” Grandfather teased as we stood on one of the Leaf hovers, moving towards North of The Forest.

” Ermm, where are we going??” I asked.

” To the Head of Clockwork Forest – The Head of the Cosmic linguists. You are going to meet your Teacher.” He said with a warm smile.

” Teacher???”

Q” Yh, The best hand to hand combat warrior in the whole of Clockwork Shrine. She is supposed to train you.”

” A woman??? Oh come on!!!” I complained, as we neared the North Forest. The north Forest had Strange looking Trees. Tress with white barks and Bright Yellow leaves.

It was awesome, extremely different from the Previous Forest we were.

” The Northern Forest, is what we call it.” Grandfather said with a smile.

” It’s incredible” I praised again, the wind rustling through every part of my body, hundreds of feet above ground was were we hovered, down below us, I could see the movement of Wooden Anti gravity cars moving through the Red earth parts of the forest.

We landed on one of the Giant branches of the White trees as we were led into one of the trees by one old man.

” Long time no see, Mr Okokroko. Is this your Grandson??” The old man asked smiling widely with me, and I did return the Favor.

” Yes, he is.” Grandfather answered. As we moved together into the tree.

” Hmm, so he is the Child with the Eye?? Your grandson.” The old man whispered as he led us across the wooden white hall way which was lit up by glowing flowers hanging from it’s ceiling.

We Came Across another Waterfall Door, which automatically granted us access to an extremely large all white lab, where I beheld a large number of Cosmic linguists, sitting with legs crossed on the floor before rectangular paddles of water, each Cosmic Linguist was sitting before one. The huge all white lab, was freezing cold, I felt like I was in the North Pole, my teeth shivering to it’s extreme cold. At the background was the anonymous hip hop tracks, jamming the science lab as some of the linguists shook their heads according to the Rap hip hop rhythm being played. The lab was heavy with the scent of roses as if it was sprinkled all around. My eyes scanned everything, as I was amazed at the Labs beauty and dopeness.

They sat in horizontal columns. All Of them were using water simulation Paddles as they controlled the Paddle of water before then, which kept morphing and changing into all shapes and forms, giving and taking information for them.

Then I saw a gigantic glass tube to which suspended before the Numerous number of scientists, A small girl around the ages of ten and eight years stood before it, with her hands fixed behind her. She had an incredibly large Afro, with the left side of her hair braided.

She was the only one standing both before the giant tube, filled with Strange glowing water, and the busy Cosmic linguists. Within the huge tube was a strange body to which I could not make out. It had strange long hair which danced along with the movement of the water in the Tube.

” For all these years, and now you decide to show up your face?? Hmph” the little girl said, as she turned to watch us, whiles we walked towards her. She had strange silver eyes. ” Where are her parents??” I whispered to Grandfather, as he burst out in laughter making me look like a fool before the Child.

” Berima, meet Korkor. The head of All Cosmic linguists in Clockwork Shrine.”

I gasped, giggled then burst out in laughter drawing the attention of all the Cosmic linguists on myself.

” Hahaha, is this kid your boss??? Hahaha.” I laughed and laughed and laughed.

” Hey, Berima, hey, hey” Grandfather kept whispering alerting me to stop, but I never did until she hit my stomach with her palm fist. I suddenly began to cough rapidly, as I fell to the ground. The pain was unusual. When she hit my stomach, it was as if I was about to vomit out my heart. My eyes reddened.

” Am no Child. Seventh Soul!” She said with an arrogant face. Grandfather held me up by the arm. Who was this?? I asked myself. My eyes began to give me pains. The pain in my eye had stopped for a long Time. But why today??. This girl was Soo strange, smallish and dangerous.

” Would be leaving you, with your new master Berima. See you Later.” Grandfather said and vanished in a burst of fireflies.

It was now left with only the Two of us. The small child and me. Her hands were always at her back. Her face had no emotions – she was scary.

” Look up at it. What do you think it is??” She asked me as I threw my eye to the giant suspending Tube with the strange unconscious humanoid being within in it.

” An Alien??” I said looking down at her.

” Hmph – in the Study of Ancestry arts. There are no such words as Aliens. Aliens are used in Western Stories and believes I presume.” She said with her strange silver eyes staring at the huge Tube.

” Then, what is it??” I asked.

” It’s A spirit. A Spirit Creature from the Genus = Homo and the Species of Spirits. This Creature you see here. Is what most people believe to be ghosts who grow extremely tall at night.

In the study of Ancestral Arts, There are no such things as planets nor aliens. That is basically level one science. According to our Science we call other worlds realms, and extremely Powerful spirits Gods.

Our science Berima is a Science beyond Basic level science. In the past We tried to hide this study of Ashe from the white souls who colonised us and hence framed it with the name Juju or black magic. That is what we made them to believe.

However all the strange things the warriors and priests did in the past was as a result of the Science they studied, making them understand and manipulate Ashe. Without the presence of Ashe Time Travel my lad will be impossible. You will have to understand some Basic things Berima. There is no such thing as magic. All strange phenomena can be explained through Ancestral Arts. In other words Ashe Field Theory.

* Theory One: All Things Both Animate and Inanimate possess a Life force.

* Theory Two: The Red Sun Is the Provider of Ashe. Hence without the Sun, Ashe will cease to exist.

As she said these strange things all I could do is listen attentively to the little girl. But how did she know this much? I asked myself. As we walked out of the lab.

” Lord Okokroko told me about your eyes. Nyameeni. Your Eye has been a field of study by we the Cosmic linguists for years. It’s power is way beyond the gods. The fact that she left such a great power into the hands of a sixteen years old like you baffles me Alot.” She commented.

” Did you just mention She????” I asked, for no one knew I got this power from her, Only Kweku Anansi. But how possible?? How did she know of her???

” Hmph, let’s just forget about it, you are here to train.” She said as we entered a strange basement. A strange apartment of Gravelled walls. Ceiling, floor, walls everything was of gravels.

The Apartment was heavy with the smell of gravels as well.

” Berima, you are here To master the First code of A Commander, and that young soul, Is what I call the Moral code. Keep in mind that the legends you work with were all Commanders, and war leaders sometime back in the past.

To Command a Commander you need to be A Commandant You need to prove your worth, First law of being a Captain Berima and that is following the moral code. Causing those under you to be in full subjection to you no matter what. You are here to train to be stronger, so you can defeat the legends. In a trial of combat.

After your Training, you will face your own team. The order of eight. Am wondering how you would even achieve that feat. The only way you can defeat them One by one Is by mastering the power of your Eye.

And that is what am going to help you with, Berima. Kweku Anansi is on the move, and there will be a time when you will fight one on one with him.” She said.

” Huh?? You can help me to master the power of my eye??”

” Yes, And it starts now!, NYAMEENI!!!!” The smallish girl said as her right eye changed completely, into pure red with a strange glowing Turquoise African Symbol on it.

My heart slammed Soo fast, I was open mouthed.

” You are a Harbringer??????????” I asked in shock..


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