“NYAMEENI!!!!!!” The Girl said, activating the power of her right eye. My eyes could do nothing, but to stare at her in awe.

” No one knows about this, Not even your Grandfather knows. Seventh Soul. Let me educate you a bit on we the Harbringers. So you know how to use your Power.” As she said these words she bolted towards me with incredible speed, in her hands was a small dagger, which she swinged menacingly at me. . My Right Eye also activated on it’s own, making me see Ten seconds ahead of time making me Dodge her attack as I jumped backwards. But it seems she could also read my moves. For as I jumped backwards from her attack she sprinted faster to get to me, as if knowing I would jump backwards.

Her dagger cut through my uniform, causing a slight bleed on my Stomach.

” Hmm!! Harbringers Are the Main Protectors of the Timeline. Chosen by The Celestial Nyameeni. A Powerful celestial who possessed the Seven Great eyes Of The Elders. All Harbringers have the ability to predict Future movements of their opponents. Like what you just saw me do. And what you just did.

As I said Berima, Nyameeni The Celestial Was the main Protector of the Timeline, until they came – The PALANQUINs.

” PALANQUINS???” I said in shock, for I had never heard of them ever before. Who were these guys??.

” Yes – Nyameeni seeing the Future with the Eyes of the Elder ones. Distributed her power to six of us, as she travelled through time. For fear that the PALANQUINs wanted the power of her eyes. Especially the Seventh Eye. To which she hid.

After distributing her power to us, she engaged in a heated battle with the PALANQUINS, only to be defeated due to the absence of her true power. Due to this the Harbringers United and battling against the PALANQUINS and sealing them away, after the war we dispersed back to our various lives and years.

We thought she was dead until your Grandfather found her unconscious here in Clockwork Forest, during her weak days. Your Grandfather became a good friend to her. She promised to reward him for his kindness, but she also added that the gift she had might also be a curse.

Revealing to him the Secret of the Seventh Eye. Your Grandfather Found the need for it’s power to be protected. That was when he made the decision to Time Travel and save the Legends. So they could protect Your Eye. Only the legends are strong enough to protect the Seventh Eye.

She ordered you not to tell anyone about her huh???? “

” Y – yh,” I answered caught in a web of shock according to the story being narrated to me.

” Yhh, she Time Travelled With her last power to Grant you the power of the Seventh Eye. Immediately you were given the eye, during that silent night. We saw what you also saw. That was no vision. We all Time Travelled to The place to which The Timeline was destroyed, the World was destroyed. We saw, As he held your neck and the legends nowhere to be found.” She said.

” You mean what happened back in class, I Time Travelled to the end of the Timeline?? I thought it was a vision??” I said, oblivious to what Korkor said.

” Hmm, You Somehow Time travelled to the End of the Timeline creating A Time Shadow in the class. Hence when your Teacher called on you. Your Eye Time Travelled you back into your Time Shadow.” I was quite shocked how she was able to tell me all that. Did she somehow see me from here.

” I see, how old are you?? You speak like you have lived for ages.”

” Hmph. Am Six thousand years.” She said with a quite smallish voice.

” What????????” I said as my mouth dropped in surprise.

” Well, All Harbringers Are Two thousand Years and above. You are the only child among us. Only Sixteen years of age. Well let’s get back to training. I will train you on hand to hand combat. Considering the fact that you possess no super strength. You will be taught hand to hand combat techniques, And how to use it, together with the power of your eye. Take off your shirt and let’s begin. We don’t have much Time.” She said….


Abam and Eda sat near the pit of leaves where Aranaa was allowed to rest after she was healed.

” Am Soo glad to see you are okay.” Eda said with a warm smile.

” Me too.” Aranaa said.

” Where is Berima??” She asked.

” He’s gone to the Northern Forest. Am sure to engage in some Training.” Eda informed.

” Training?? And how did you get to know about that??” Abam asked.

” Berima and the Order Time Travelled to The Era of the Shimbra Kura war, to investigate Anansi’s plan. Something he called the Kente Ritual. We don’t know much about it tho. It seems Berima and the others succeeded and both failed at the same time.” Eda explained.

” The Masquerader’s Edge.” Aranaa mentioned.

” Mask what???” Eda asked again.

” Masquerader’s Edge, In order Words is like a Map, revealing hidden Relics to it’s wearer. However Anansi succeeded in accessing the mask. But it was broken and he needed someone of my tribe to fix it. So he kidnapped me, forcing me to reforge the mask. Something which I refused.

Berima and the order have defeated Two Kingslayers so far. The rest of the Eight according to what I heard during my kidnap are far too dangerous. Each possess deadly abilities we could only imagine.

Berima is aware of their threat, and that’s part of the reason why, he didn’t want to get us involved. As at now The Kingslayers are on the move to fix the mask. If the mask is fixed – then the real war begins.” Aranaa informed.

” That explains why Berima is also undergoing traning. A severe one.” Abam said.

” Thats not the only reason.” Eda said.

” Huh???” Abam said.

” Time Lord Okokroko, wishes Berima to avenge the death of the Council.”

” Council, Oh I see. The Four Timelords were slain by the Kingslayers.” Abam said as if remembering something.

” If the Kingslayers are on the level of defeating Time Masters, then their Strength and abilities are on a whole different level.” Eda said.

” Berima is dealing with something extremely dangerous here.” Aranaa said.

” He has to get stronger.” Abam added.


” Berima has been out of the Human realm for too long. Don’t you think his family would be in search for him??” Yaa Asantewaa asked, as all the Legends sat on their stool before Time Lord Okokroko.

” A replica is taking place in his absence, no need to worry about that. However our main worry is Berima’s Training – how fast and when he can complete it. We don’t have much time on our side.” The TimeLord said.

” Hmph, according to Earth’s Timeline Berima has already spent a two weeks, with CL.Korkor.

” The Kingslayers seem to be on the hold now. This would be the Best Time for Berima to train. It is very necessary, You guys really enjoy his company huh???” The Time Lord said.

” Hmph – he’s just Arrogant. Hahaha can’t wait for him to be back.” Queen Amina said with a smirk.

” Hmph” Anokye sighed.

” The Rest of the Eight Kingslayers left would be one of the Greatest Threats I see.” Tohazie said.

” Considering their powers, abilities and achievements. No wonder you don’t want to involve the Time Shapasini into it, huh?? Issues only we the legends can handle.”

” Yes – Tohazie.” Time Lord Okokroko said.

” However – I intend to send three Of the Time Shapasini to monitor the movement of the Kingslayers. As at now, we know their Target will be the Mask Forgers in the Yorubaland. Aranaa’s secret Bloodline. With this Intel we can track Down the Kingslayers.

If we fail to monitor them during this mission, we won’t be able to locate the Hidden Time shards. And before we know it, Kweku Anansi will complete the Kente Ritual.

I will have to send Three Time Sapasinis, to handle this.

Tohazie, please get me the Time Ghosts.” Time Lord Okokroko said.

” Right away, Lord Okokroko.” Tohazie said and vanished in a form of Solar flares.


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