He stood before my eyes panting, Standing few meters away from me, his Nyameeni was ever on, ever alert. The Young lad was getting better as days ebbed by. I slam my palm against the Gravelled floor as a surge of green energy, channelled from my right eye, through my veins and palms, seeping into the gravels. A powerful repelling force spread the gravels away, and later attracting them back as my warriors Forged out of it.

There the gravels filled with my Ashe of life, Rose to their feets, standing tall, all surrounded me, like soldiers Protecting their Queen. Berima stood silently observing, for he knew not how my Eye power worked. It was his responsibility to find out.

The Gravelled soldiers Rose to their feet, as dust swirled around them. In their arms were Gravel forged Akrafena swords. Berima had tried several strategies to overcome my gravel army. To this was the reason why he kept panting profusely. With bruises all over his body.

He was to take down the entire Army of Gravel warriors to get to me.

But the more I trained with him, the more I understood why she chose him.

” BERIMA!!!” I called out. As his eyes were focused on me.

” There is something I want you to know.” I said.

I could see it in his eyes. Eager to hear, eager to listen.

” There are Four most dangerous groups ever to be recorded in the history of Time Walkers.”

” Four??? Groups??” He asked, quite lost within his thoughts.

” Yhp. All Time Shapasinis or should I say Time warriors are advised never ever to engage in battle with them. Even when there are on the verge of altering the Timeline.

First is the PALANQUINS, the ones we sealed away.

Second the Kingslayers, Those guys I say, Are extremely dangerous. Handpicked by the great Kweku Anansi himself. Those guys are the only ones who can par with Both The Time Lord’s and we the Harbringers.

Thirdly are the SENBARIA… The SENBARIA however each protect the Lost Ancient Relicks of Africa. They are indeed crazy!! Too strong I would say. Their power is exactly like the PALANQUINS. They have the highest amount of Ashe, And these ones do not know good or bad, These ones only protect the Time shards. From anyone.

And lastly The Order of Eight. Your team. Bear in mind Berima that you are going to face these very powerful threats. And as a Captain of the Order you should be strategic enough to take all of them down. Nobody can stand before these ones, only you and the Ancient Ones can.

There are only Seven SENBARIA, Each Protecting a shard of Time. Before you can take a shard, then you might as well defeat them. Cause these guys are Berserkers.

I thought it vital to pass this Intel down to you, to let you have a clearer understanding of what you are dealing with, and what you will encounter. Now Get ready!!!!! Come At me Berima!!!!” I shouted.

” KINGSLAYERS, SENBARIA, PALANQUINS.” He said closing his eyes, as he took in a deep breath. He suddenly became relaxed, and calm. His eyes slowly opened. Fixing his hands in his back pockets, he took something out, something which I could not see from where I stood. He stretched his right fist towards me, within his hands he held something.

What was he planning, hmph, I was not supposed to be scared even. He was just a child.

He slowly dropped something on the Gravelled floor, it appeared to be dust beads. The beads gave off a powerful mighty burst of dust, which clearly obscured my vision of Berima. Some of the Cosmic linguists of mine stood around observing the training, it seemed to catch their eye.

Berima seemed to be lost in the huge chunk of Dust which Rose high, suddenly Two other Berima’s came out of the dust with speed ranning both to the left and right sides of me. They were running in a circular manner as if wanting to surround me. Suddenly my eyes beheld a tube which was thrown towards me from the thick dust, it Rose high into the air, landing towards my direction my Gravelled warriors with speed jumped high striking through the tube which contained black sand, as it spread all over the ground. With instant speed the sand twirled forming Berima’s replica, as the other two tried circling I and my army. What was he up to?? I kept asking myself, my warriors rushed with intense speed to stop the Replica which just forged few meters from me. As he rushed towards my direction wielding a small dagger,

The replica’s body was immediately cut in half, as its body spilled once more into sand, but I noticed something, the replica gripped something in it’s right arm, and Landing finally on the ground it left it, causing a powerful wide Burst of dust. It was a dust beads. The dust was thick as it obscured the vision of both my army and I.

What was he planning to do??

“HEART!!!!” I shouted as I swang both arms, The huge dust, all around me, pushed away with a repulsive force and returned back with force as if it was being pulled by an invisible force as it immediately forged warriors out of the dust, I felt something approach with great speed as the dust pulled back towards me, by the time I realized, I saw one of his replicas attacking me with a dagger in the hands, due to the powerful attractive force of the dust, his replica was pulled along with it, as it cut my cheek passing by me due to the force of pull., I struck the replica with force as it burst into black sand.

” I see.” He said, as he squatted meters away from me, at the same spot where he stood facing me. I was shocked about how he got his replica to cut my cheeks.

” LIFE huh?? That’s the power of your Right eye. The ability to infuse Life Energy into any Inanimate thing you see or touch.” He said calmly. With a smirk in his face.

” How did you issue that attack??” I asked, for he had already defeated me in the training. He was able to get to me, not even engaging in a battle with my army.

” So that is your Ability. The Hearts Eye, Akoma Enii. The heart in itself is the reason why humans live. It’s vital role is to keep the human being alive.

Hence this is how it works. The human heart has two two sides, separated by a Mascular wall. Your Eye is exactly like the heart. Your Eye, Cl. Korkor and your Arms represent both sides of the heart.

Your eye represents the right side of the human heart. And both arms of yours represent the left side.

The right side of the human heart basically pumps blood to the lungs where it receives Oxygen, hence transferring Oxygenated blood to the left side of the heart. Hence after receiving Oxygenated blood the left side of the heart pumps the Oxygenated blood to the rest of the body.

Similarly your eyes transfer pure Ashe to both arms of yours. Which represent the left side of the heart. However when you touch something with your hands it transfers Pure Ashe into the Animate giving them life., exactly like the way the left side of the heart pumps blood to all parts of the body.

If am correct, when you transfer the Ashe into Inanimate things, a powerful surge of invisible energy spreads the Inanimate objects as if repelling them.

This can be likened to The expansion of the heart,

The object then comes back like an attractive force pulling them together, hence it can be likened directly to the contraction of the heart. Hmm!!!

I sent both clones to circle you, and threw the dust bead, before your face cause I knew you would use your power to bring the dust to life. Covered entirely by dust, you resorted to the only skill you believed would protect you by creating life.

Since I knew your power would cause a repel and attraction in the dust I created, I intentionally sent my replicas to encircle you, knowing the force of attraction would pull them closer to you, while you brought the dust around you to life.” Berima said with ease.

I clearly understood why she chose him now.

” Impressive Berima, very Impressive.” I praised.

” Don’t forget you still haven’t got me.” I taunted, only to realize Berima standing behind me unlooking with the dagger close to my neck.

” Hmph, you have finally mastered it.” I said with a smirk.

” Yes, I have.” He said calmly.

All observers could do nothing but open their mouths in shock.

Berima was becoming stronger, And wiser. He had unlocked a new ability during the training, Berima in actual sense possessed no superhuman strength or speed. His Eyes were the only advanced thing, The only powerful thing on his body, secondly was his new knowledge he had gained in hand to hand combat, from all this training. He learned pretty fast. And yet he still had a long way to go.

You wish to know the new ability he has unlocked isn’t it???.

Perfect Analysis, Perfect Strategy, the kid, the kid is good!!!!

” Let’s go take some food.” I said as he nodded. And followed me out of the training grounds.

We both sat around a wooden table, in the wood hut restaurant, the Restaurant was heavy with the smell of waakye. Berima’s best food. His right hands went straight and into the waakye which was served to us on a large green leave.

The restaurant was filled with the other Time warriors who also enjoyed the waakye on each of their tables.

” There was a waakye joint here and Grandpa never told me about it???? This is crazy!!” He said with excitement as he filled his stomach with waakye.

During the Training, I made sure he was only fed with kenkey and hot pepper, with fried fish, from what I saw it was his second best.

” This is the Best Waakye joint in the whole of Clockwork Shrine. Yhp, and the master behind it’s great delicacy is a Cosmic linguist.”

” Woaww, that’s DHOPE.” He said as he took a handful of Hot waakye, macroni and gari, vapour walked it’s way out of the food slowly as he sent the food in his hands straight into his mouth.

” I have something to give you after this place.” I said.

” Something???”

” Yep.”

” Hey, how many days have passed since I left home?? You know due to the condition here I can’t tell.”

” Two weeks and a half I suppose.”

” What?? My Family will be roaming around, looking for me.” He complained.

” Hehe, have settled that already don’t worry.” I said as he smiled back.


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