YEAR: 1300 C.E




The tall massive walls of the Empire forged out of clay, resided some miles away from the Forest. Oro together with Aziza stood at the top of extremely tall trees gazing from afar the Magnificent structure.

” So we are after the Egun Tribe is it??” Aziza asked, her short locs, rested on her Ebony colored neck, the morning sun shone it’s beautiful Ray’s on the Ebony SKins of the two Yoruba myths. As the silent wind walked along their cloaks, crested with the badge of two red swords.

Oro stood tall, taller than any ordinary human, Seven and a half feet, dark Ebony skin, large emerald eyes like that of Aranaa, but deeper with a cold stare. His locs, tied to his back with their edges being white in color. A man who believed in his power, all members of the Kingslayers believed extremely in their Abilities than anything.

He closed his eyes as the forest breeze walked through his very soul, body and mind.

” Ahhh,” he says in a relaxed manner, as he opens his palms as if receiving blessings from the Trees around him.

” Capturing an Elewe will be very interesting.”

” Why do you say that??’

” Well, It seems some of my brothers protect them. The Orixas.”

” Hmph, O I see, Shango chose to join the Time Walkers leaving the rest here huh??, Whiles you chose the path of the Kingslayers. Wonder what your cousins and Siblings have chosen for themselves Oro.”

” Hmph. Can’t wait to see them.” Oro responds as he jumps down together with Aziza from the tree top.

As they walk through The Forest slowly, Oro stops as if noticing something, same for Aziza as well.

” Guess you have noticed.” Oro tells Aziza as she nods with a smile. Suddenly men dressed in Hunter cloaks, wielding Spears in their hands come out of the bushes from all directions surrounding the two Kingslayers. As they point their Spears at them, moving slowly towards the Slayers. The two do not even show a hint of fear, as the Hunters approached.

” Who are you people??? From which land do you dwell??” The Strange looking hunters ask in Yoruba.

With their Wooden and metal forged Spears aimed at the hearts of the Slayers. A number of Seven Hunters.

” Egbe Ode.” Aziza said to Oro.

” The Guild of Hunters, I see.” Oro said with a smile.

” We are travellers seeking to Experience the great Gelede mask Festival of your land, we have heard of it’s greatness and have Travelled far and wide.” Aziza spoke with elegance.

The hunters Watched them from head to toe, inspecting everything on their bodies.

” How I wish I could end these lives already.” Oro said in thought, for these men were disgusting his very soul and patience. These mortals and their fragile bodies.

They followed slowly from behind the leader of the hunters, who appeared to be very lanky, but had stern eyes of experience in the hunting business.

” So from which land do you come from??” He asked. As they walked on the red pathway towards the Giant Mud walled Kingdom.

” We are from the land of Edo south of your Empire.” Aziza answered.

” Ohh, I see then we are one.” The man said with a smile as they approached the giant muddy wall.

” Sungbo eredo.” Aziza said with a smile as she beheld the giant muddy wall.

” Yes, The greatest wall, built in honor of Oloye Bilikisu Sungbo.” The man said with a brave smile, as if remembering his days when he was but a little boy.

” Your tall friend seems to be a quiet one.” He said throwing a look at Oro.

” Trees are tall and silent but be careful not to disturb one with thorns on it’s bark.” Oro answered with cold eyes.

” Huh???” The Hunter said, with a frown.

” Oh, don’t worry about him, he is just feeling uncomfortable – this is his first time traveling so have pity on his poor soul.” Aziza brushed of the tension which quickly Rose in the Air, as they walked through the gates made of Bronze, beholding the great magnificent ancient empire of Yoruba.


Aranaa sat quitely on the bed of leaves, which were changed just few minutes ago. As she inhaled the herbal smell which engulfed the Rocky carved walls of the hospital room.

The glowing flowers which looked like The Intricate design of sun flowers, lit up the room with a calm beauty. Her eyes stared silently at the Water door, which moved strangely. All alone in the room, her eyes then moved back to a scanner she was knitting. With a special kind of thread.

She felt someone approaching, as the Water door divided to two paving way for the young lad.

” Hm! The rain will indeed fall today.” Aranaa teased as she beheld Berima.

In his right hand he held a Green leaf bag, as he approached the leaf bed of Aranaa.

” How are you doing?? hmph where is Abam and Eda??”

” Am far better, Oh they have been sent on a mission.”

” Mission???” Berima asked with his eyes wide open.

” Yep, To monitor the Movement of the Kingslayers.” Aranaa answered.

” What????????” Berima asked in great shock, sweat creeping down his face.

” It’s way too dangerous they would be killed for good this Time.”

” Hmph, have some faith in your friends would you??” Aranaa said.” I know but, the Kingslayers are dangerous. Way too dangerous.”

” Yh, But Eda and Abam are part of the Time Ghost Unit, that is why Your Grandfather sent them for this mission.”

” Time Ghost Unit???” Berima said.

” Hmph, why do you think We we’re sent for you, to monitor your movements. The Time Ghost Unit is made up of five members. Three of us were sent on a mission to Watch over you. We studied you for months Berima.

Your Grandfather mostly sends us on covert missions. But this by far is the most dangerous,”

” Who are the other two??? Have I met them before???”

” No. One is a daughter to Anansi, the other an Elder brother to Eda.”

” Daughter of Anansi?????”

” Yes. She seeks revenge on her father. She has anger in her soul, raging to crush her own father.” Aranaa said.

” Revenge??? Why???” Berima asked.

” Kweku Anansi slayed his own tribe. An entire Tribe. What we know as a mass Genocide.”

” What????? That – that is Crazy.”

” Yes, it truly is. No one knows the reason behind it. And your Grandfather and the Time Council refuse to tell anyone why he did so.” Aranaa narrated.

Berima’s mouth fell open, his ears could not contain the saddened news.

” Anansi had a Tribe????”

” Yhh, The Anansi Tribe was mostly feared because of their special Skill they all possessed. The Venom. That’s what they called that technique.

” Woaw?? So they basically use Eight swords at the same time huh.Hmm, By the way I brought this for you.” Berima passed the Leaf bag over to Aranaa.

” Mmmm, Waakyeee” Aranaa said with a wide smile.

” Am quite Shocked a dumb head like you thought of me.”Aranaa teased.

” Well am also quite shocked A princess like you would degrade me such.” Berima said causing a blush on Aranaa’s face.

” So how was the training??”

” Hmph, it was cool.”

” Nice Scarf” Berima praised, Aranaa kept blushing as Berima knelt near her on her bed of leaves.

” Thanks, I would have to leave then, My team is waiting to see me.” Berima said, about to stand and leave, when Aranaa held the edge of his uniform as if preventing him from leaving. Two of her fingers held on to his uniform.

Berima only turned to watch her with Surprise, a blush creeping on his face.

” Thanks a million. Berima.” Aranaa said with a charming smile.

” Huh??? Hmph says the Troublesome woman, well I need to rejoin with my team, so serve as Back up to The Time Ghost Unit. Berima teased with a smile.

“Yhh??? See you later dummy” She teased back.

“Hmph, so who is that scarf for anyway??” Berima asked pointing to it.

” Well I just like weaving them. My grandma thought me, she mostly sewed The colorful cloths Masquerader’s wore, when performing the festivals.

” Cool then. It’s beautiful.” Berima praised.

” Lol, I know it is.” Aranaa answered.

” And please be careful.” Aranaa said turning her face away to hide her blush.

” Yh I know, will have to face him some day.” Berima said.

” You have lost three times against Anansi. First he tricked you to strengthen the Timeline for his ritual, Second he was able to get the mask from you.

Third he intentionally handed me over to you after he took my blood sample to trace my hidden Ancestors. What makes you Soo sure, that you can win against the Spider good, this Time?” Aranaa questioned with a sad face.

Berima paused as he neared his way to the water door,and turned his right face to Aranaa revealing his glowing eye and said.


After saying this left the room.

” Faith huh??” Aranaa whispered to herself.

” You really have a thing for that girl don’t you??”CL.korkor teased immediately Berima walked out of the Room.

” Please stop.” Berima said.

Aranaa hearing this smiled came out of the bed, Clicked a button on her pocket clock as a swirl of black sand twirled around her changing her cloths into the special Time warriors attire, and later vanished secretly in a burst of solar flares. Where was she going to?

YEAR: 1300 C.E


Cheering sounds of Villagers cut through the atmosphere of the Empire, buildings we’re forged out of Terracota, stone, copper, brass and bronze, all houses of the Empire were built like that of The shrines in the Asante Kingdom.

Oro, and Aziza only were caught by the Booming Atmosphere of the Empire, people dressed in their best outfits, colorful Nigerian Cloths made the entire empire look like a garden of flowers. As the sun casted it’s magnificent Rays, showing off the splendid beauty of the Citizens of the Empire.

The Festival was to take place at the Grand Market of KATUNGA. The market place was filling up rapidly with men and women from every quarter. Since it was a very special day the women of the empire wore their finest cloths and ornaments of ivory and beads According to the wealth of their husbands, or in some cases the hardworking power of their own hands.

Most men, tall and short from every direction brought along them palm wine in pots carried in the head or gourds dangling by the side from a loop of rope. The first people to arrive took up positions under the shade of trees and began to drink with friends, their relationship and their inlaws.

Those who arrived later took a seat in the open to which was not yet experiencing the wrath of the golden sun.

Oro and Aziza took a seat in one of the tall trees present in the market place to have a clearer view of the Festival.

Abam, Eda, Anansiwaa, Okechuku and Senam, all clad in their special Time Travel outfits as they sat in strange huge Creatures. These Creatures were a mixture of a basilik lizard or Jesus Christ lizard, A Draco lizard and a chameleon. They called them the great reptiles All Time Warriors of Clockwork Shrine mostly used these ones in missions.

These Creatures stood to Six feet tall, with glowing markings on their reptilian bodies.

They had the ability to turn completely invisible, ran on water, fly, and spit powerful wind attacks against their opponents. As the five rode into the Market Square where the festival was about to begin.

Nobody could see them, or even smell their existence. For if such a thing happened the people of KATUNGA will ran for their lives upon beholding such strange Creatures. And that itself could affect the Timeline.

” This place is huge, it looks as if this is the First time the village has come together like this. There are a lot.” Eda said as the Creatures in their invisible forms concealing the Time Walkers as well move freely in the market, and taking precautions not to hit or touch anything with their long tails, and huge bodies.

” Have spotted them.” Anansiwaa alerted.

” What????” Abam asked looking all around.

” They are sitting on the tallest tree in the village.

” Oro and Aziza.” Anansiwaa said. As her Bright blue eyes watched keenly through the leaves.

” We will have to set eyes on them from here on. They are in search for Aranaa’s descendant. To forge the mask for them. These guys are extremely Dangerous, Be careful when spying on them. There a rumors of their extremely strange abilities. Don’t mess around them. If you know you can’t survive around them, escape as fast as you can.” Anansiwaa said. As her extremely long silver locs fell at her back, and her left face and eye covered by her silver white locs. An exact replica of her father, the only difference was she was a girl, and half her face was covered by her long white locs.

Her Tribe resides in Clockwork Shrine. And that was where they were murdered, therefore she could not time Travel to save them.

Light skinned like her father, same eyes and same cold eyes of her father. A girl who seemed to hate her father strongly for her father’s untold woes. Right before her large sapphire eyes her tribe was slain.

” Father!!! Why?????” She asked as tears fell from her azure eyes. Her voice a childish one, since she was six by then.

In her father’s hands he held a long Sword with it’s handle made of wood. A special sword used by the Anansi Tribe.

” From now on, you shall hate me forever, you shall loathe me and seek after my soul, Daughter. When you are stronger and old enough, you shall understand. Little one. Now ran and never look back oh child of sorrow, For your heart, I have filled with an untold hatred. Ran, ran and never look back. Seek for life as if it was a diamond, seek strength as if it were gold. And when you are done finding these come for me.” Her father said as his strange right eye glowed in the darkness of the night.

The eyes of the little girl overflowed with tears.

Those we’re the ever repeating memories of Anansiwaa.

A large glowing clock Symbol appeared on top of the Muddy wall as a twirl of mud sand forged Aranaa from it.

She stood looking down the Empire with her strange green eyes, as the scarf she knitted blew along with the hot wind of Yoruba land flickering around her neck.. She was up to something. Her face was of an unfriendly one, her goals were unknown to anyone.

” Interesting am standing in the great Sungbo Eredo wall. Hmph, very legendry” she said with a smirk.

On ordinary market days the voice of the Market carried far in all directions like the Coming of a great storm, but today it was as though all the bees in the entire world we’re passing overhead.

And more and more people were still flowing in from all pathways to the Great Capital – Katunga. Beneath the tree to where Oro and Aziza sat, young men sat on a crude mat woven in the ground by exposed roots of the ogbu tree in their midst sat three large pots of Palm wine, just outside the circle an empty pot lay in it’s side.

” Filthy men, they disgust me ” Aziza said.

” We won’t be long here tho, we are just waiting for the Arrival of the Masqueraders, there is when our work begins.” Oro said.

” Can’t we find a different place to sit and observe this festival??”

” This is the best place” Oro said.

” Why??” Aziza asked with a frown.

” Cause among drunken men, is where you here Secrets of the world.” Oro said, as Aziza came back to her senses with a smile.

” Hmph, you truly are a smart one Oro.”

” You talk too Much, Let’s focus.”

” I wish Tokoloshe the Zombie was here, other than this talkative” Oro said in thought.

” So why did you join The Kingslayers??” Aziza chipped in a question.

” Why this question??” Oro asked with a stern face.

” Hmph, Looking through all the other reactions of the Kingslayers, We all have the same goal to save the world, by preventing the Coming of that year.” Aziza said.

” Same reason why I joined the Kingslayers.” Oro said.

” Hmm, what moved you to want to save the world??” She persisted.

” Am not answering that”. He said as he drew his focus on the drunken men.

” Fine then, if you won’t tell me yours then I will tell you mine.” She insisted.

” After the mission.” Oro said.

” Why????” Aziza asks.

” We need Intel. From the drunken, after that you can even tell me a story on how you were born.” Oro said, with his face looking down on the drunkards.


Berima walks alone into the palace, he could only hear the sound of his feet walking on the glass floor. Then he beheld a sight which made him stuck in shock. The bloody death of his grandfather lying dead on the throne with blood as red as Ruby crawling to where he stood.

” Your Old man was a weak fool.” Anokye said with an evil smile, as all the Legends surrounded.

The air became tensed BERIMA could not believe his eyes.

What on Earth was happening here???

What had happened to the Legends he once fought side by side with???

His eyes opened in shock. He was about to battle all eight alone.

Would it be possible????

His life was on the Line, The Space Time Continuum was at risk,if he lost to them.

Was this the end??????


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