The air was silent and eerie, The throne room was heavy with the smell of roses, The ticking sounds of the clocks rode amidst the silence which filled the room.

His dark eyes moved left to right, and right to left. Before him was his dead Grandfather, whose blood reached out to him. His soul was disturbed. His eyes were keen and discreet.

Using anger to defeat all eight will only cause him to loose against the legends. Besides he possessed no enhanced abilities. His eyes were the only godly thing he possessed. It was left with how he would use it.

” Kente cloth- check, Dynamite Fruit- check, leaf daggers- check, Dust beads- check, replica tubes- check, Water Akrafena- check, Phasing mask- check, zulu shield- check, Nsibidi scrolls check. Pocket clock- check.” BERIMA said in thought, as all these things he mentioned, were around his waist, attached to his new belt. These were called The Time Walker Tools or weapons.

All Eight took out each of their destructive weapons.

” This is the end of the path for you BERIMA.” Anokye said with a smirk.

” Nice bandage you have on your right arm, BERIMA.” Yaa Asantewaa teased.

Berima stood in the middle of the Circle the eight legends formed around him, his keen eyes watching silently.

” Eight, I see – Fastest legend is Anokye, and he for sure will be the first to attack, Strongest legend Is Basically Asebu, Most Agile is Tohazie the Red Hunter, Most powerful is no doubt Shango of the Oyo empire, Yaa Asantewaa and Queen Amina are the most resilient and very Sneaky. Togbe Tsali and Anokye are the most dangerous, whiles Makeda is basically the healer and by far the weakest but most resourceful legend.” Berima said as he took out two leaf daggers, gripping them in both hands.

Beads of sweat dripping from his face, heart slamming against his chest.

” BRA!!” Berima beckoned as he immediately activated his strange opal colored eye.

Anokye vanished in gold dust reappearing right before Berima’s face within seconds, with an Upper kick to which Berima dodged by jumping backwards from his attack.

” That was close.” Berima said.

Anokye Struck the glassy floor with his palms, as gold Crystals, began to appear chasing after Berima who kept dodging the Moving Crystal Forged spikes to which Anokye created.

Asebu jumped extremely high, raising both arms up, landing at the Spot Berima stood with a slam, which cracked the glassy floor, causing all legends to fall into the strange Mesozoic forest.

” Where is he???” Asebu asked as he together with the legends landed on the tall giant trees.

” Use your head for once Asebu.” Makeda complained.

” Where is the Child???” Yaa Asantewaa asked, scanning around the forest with her eyes.

Suddenly a dynamite fruit was thrown from nowhere to the midst of the trees to which the Legends stood and exploded in mid air.

” Damn it-” Tohazie cried upon beholding the Dynamite fruit coming at them, as it exploded with might and force spreading extremely powerful shrapnels. All Shrapnels had very poisonous toxins, which immediately had effect on the victim immediately took serious effect, killing the victim.

Anokye being the fastest was able to Teleport all legends from the Blast of the Dynamite.

” The young lad is hiding.” Togbe said, with a smirk, as he placed his palms on the ground, checking for vibrations.

” That was way too close.” Berima said to himself as he sat on the Branch of one extremely tall tree, holding the Kente cloth in his hands. He was panting, as he saw the legends stand on the grassy floor of the Jungle.

” How come they took Grandfather down?? It’s crazy.” Berima said to himself.

” The fact is, I basically cannot defeat these guys in physical strength. The only way to win against them is to restrain them. Gather the Enemy at a specific spot, and restrain them all.” Berima said as he immediately teleported with his kente cloth, reappearing behind them.

” I’m here.” He said calling their attention to him as he teleported with the cloth again, vanishing and reappearing by attacking from all sides with his leaf daggers, to which the Legends either counter attacked or dodged.

” Stop messing with us!!” Shango said as he summoned powerful lightening from the clouds, which took the form of a bird

” IMPUNDULU!!!!” Shango shouted, as the lightening bird sped towards Berima, who appearred behind Shango with an attempt to strike Shango with both leaf daggers in his hands.

Was this his end.

“SWITCH” Berima said immediately he beheld the lightening bird approaching with great force and speed, suddenly he switched positions with Anokye, and hence causing Anokye to appear at his position rather, to be struck by the lightening.

All legends opened their mouth in shock as Anokye was struck by the bolt of thunder, Berima appeared at Anokye’s formal position standing near Yaa Asantewaa, as he left two dust beads on the floor, causing a wide spread of Powerful dust, obscuring their vision.

The legends jumped out of the dust to avoid any more dangerous attacks from Berima.

” The child, is getting smarter.” Tohazie said.

” Hm, he’s taken our means of escape in time of any critical attack.” Shango added.

” He won’t be threating us for long.” Togbe said, as his eyes turn white.

Suddenly strong power plants emerged from underground entangling the legends.

” Damn it!!!, It’s a trap.” Yaa Asantewaa cried out.

” SUNGBO EREDO!!!!!!!” Berima said as he together the Replicas of his, all concealed in a strange mask surrounded the legends opening a strange Nsibidi scroll before them. All four wore a similar strange ancient African mask, as they mentioned the name.

The Nsibidi symbol on the scrolls began to glow brightly, spreading it’s Nsibidi writings to the ground, suddenly a giant muddy wall surrounded the legends enclosing them.

” What????” Yaa Asantewaa cried out.

” When did he???” Togbe Tsali said.

” The Mask grants him access to the Ancestral plain. And it seems The Spirit energy of Sungbo Eredo allowed him to use her powers, Only Born Masqueraders are given the chance to access the Ancestral plain. So how did he???” Shango asked in shock, as they were all entangled. Their Ashe was being drained by the strange Mud wall to which young Berima summoned.

” Impressive” Tohazie said in shock.

” Can tell he learnt a lot of things during His Time With CL.Korkor.” Queen Amina said.

” I heard, he passed Cl.Korkor’s Test.” Queen Makeda said.

” Huh??! Really??” Yaa Asantewaa said out of shock, her eyes showed clearly.

” If a non Masquerader accesses the Ancestral plain, the end result is complete insanity. Berima truly is a genius.” Shango praised.

” So, he planned this from the beginning. The child has been observing us, closely during our missions with him. Berima planned every attack from the start to finish. His new transposition ability. Completed it.

His plan was for us, to get in here, The Mesozoic. And seal us. All his attacks were meant to end us here where he could restrain us. He knew he could not defeat us in hand to hand, He knew our strength was more than his, so he restrained us.” Queen Makeda said.

Berima stood outside the giant Muddy wall, panting seriously immediately he took off the mask. Suddenly he felt a hand touch his shoulder, from Behind.

” You did well. Grandson.” Grandfather Oko said with a warm smile.

” Humph! I knew what I saw was an Illusion, Grandfather. The legends would never betray you.” Berima said, as he stood to his feet. His right eye began to give him pains.

” Interesting new ability you’ve got there.”

“Yh, buh thanks to the book you gave him, I could restrain the legends. The Wall wouldn’t hold them for long but. It would drain them completely. I need to undo it.”

” You have proven yourself. The Legends are directly under you now. Your True Mission begins immediately Intel has been brought by the Ghost Unit.” His Grandfather said, as he touched the wall, causing it to slowly return back to the ground.

All Eight walked towards Berima, Anokye who was quiet weakened was helped by Shango as they approached him.

” You have gained our respect.” Anokye said.

” We shall fight with you, in storms, And Volcanoes.” Queen Makeda said.

“Hmph, So what’s the next plan??” Yaa Asantewaa asked.

” The Time Ghost Unit has been sent on a mission, You guys would have to take a break. Berima you need to head home.” His Grandfather said.


The crushed floor was fixed, and all Eight sat on their stools as the Time Elder sat on the wooden Throne.

” The water amidst them Rose, changing constantly According to the Time lord’s words.

” The Eight slayers left are deemed extremely dangerous. Please help defeat them.”

” AYT” All Eight said.

A strange Nyame Dua Symbol appeared at the Small plantain farm located at the Side Of Berima’s room. As the strange glowing flower popped out of the ground Revealing Berima back to his world.

He could hear sounds of laughter all over the house, as usual all tenants in the house, mostly females came out at around Six pm to prepare a meal for their families, in the process of doing these they shared information, gossips and rumors to each other, as they kept bursting out in laughter.

Little children around the house, kept running and playing with each other whiles Mothers shouted at them for their misbehaviour.

The House was heavy with the smell of All sorts of meals. Banku, Okro, ground nut soup, jollof, and what have you.

It has always been like this every evening from the time he was a child.

Women sitting near heated coal pots as they performed their skills and knowledge in the Art of cooking, Immediately night Drew closer.

Even tho there was the presence of Gas, most women in the house found it more interesting when cooking with the coal pots, since there would be an exchange of chats and wild laughter.

Berima hiding at the side of the house spotted his Replica from a distance, holding water in it’s hands as it approached the small farm.

” I sensed you just arrived from The Shrine.” His Replica said with a smile as it saw him.

Berima did nothing but stare in awe, the exact copy of himself standing before him and acting exactly like him.

An arrogant and Dhope character.

His Replica was in mufti, a three quarter fitting shorts, black v neck shirt and white beckingstock slippers.

” Oh – okay” Berima said still staring in awe.

” The Cosmic Linguists are really Amazing.” Berima said to himself.

” To create a replica which can stay longer, what on Earth did they use in such art??” Berima said in thought.

” Hm, can see you are surprised huh, for a replica to stay this Long. Well I was Forged out of an Odum tree. Making me stronger than even your ordinary body now.” The Replica said.

“BERIMAA!!” His mother called out.

” Well, it seems your mother needs your help with something. Would have to go.” The replica said stretching his hands for Berima to shake. Immediately Berima held it’s hand it morphed into a sculptured wooden statue, and reduced to a smaller size, like a toy.

” Hmph, Interesting.” Berima said and heeded to his mother’s call, whiles changing into the clothes his replica left for him on the floor, picked the wooden statue of the replica and rushed to the compound.


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