A cock crowned at dawn cutting through the silence of the dawn, Berima was completely exhausted, he was deep asleep, He lay on the bed like a dead body. His ears were shut to the early crow of the Cock.

Suddenly a bang on his door woke him up, causing him to fall from the bed.

” Berima!!! The pipes have been closed oooo, hurry up and go and join Melee and the other kids to go and fetch some water at Auntie Akwele’s place, please be fast.” His mother urged, for All siblings of his were not around. He was the only one at home now, living with both parents.

He lazily stood to his feet, standing before his mirror. He closed his eyes for few seconds and opened it. Revealing his strange glowing opalescent eye. The Eye of the Elder Ones.

” Illusion cast, accurate prediction, Far sightedness and Transposition, what more do you possess?? Seventh Eye?” Berima said placing his palm on his right eye.

” BERIMA!!!” His mother shouts as he hurries out of his room. To go join the kids who held empty Yellow gallons. Some held large basins, others buckets.

Berima held a gallon as well as he together with the other kids at home exited the gate.

” Hey, what’s up??” Sefako a light skinned Ewe girl said. She was of an average height, Dark eyes, And short braided hair. Her eyes were strangely brown, her lips pink and cute. She also held a gallon in her hands as she walked with Berima.

” Cool, you??”

” Same here, Ermm look about the night before yesterday, did you really mean what you did??” She asked.

” WHAT!???? WHAT THE HECK DID MY STUPID REPLICA DO???” Berima said in thought as beads of sweat began to form all over.

” Ermm. Errrr, what I did huh?? Errrr. Mmm, errr”

” Haha, I really did enjoy it tho.” She added.

” WHAT???? WHAT THE HECKK???” Berima said in thought as his eyes nearly fell from his sockets.

” I loved your kiss.” She moved closer to him and whispered.

” What?????” Berima said out of shock.

” Why??” Sefako said with a sad face.

” Oh, oh its Nothing I was just thinking about something that’s why. ” Berima lied, his heart slamming against his chest.

” What on Earth did this stupid Replica Doo?? Oh God save me!!” Berima said in thought completely confused.

A long queue was formed before the well, the golden sun had risen, Revealing itself from the clouds.

Men, women and children had formed a very long queue before the well as each held in their hands gallons, buckets and large basins of all sizes.

” Hmph, my Ordinary life sure is boring, wish I was back at the Shrine or something, maybe training with the legends. I wonder what they are doing right now?? And the Time Ghost Unit, I hope they have not gotten into any trouble with the Kingslayers, Due to intel on the remaining Eight, I’ve heard rumors on how powerful they are.

Powerful enough to face the Senbarias. Hmmmmm.









All Eight possess abilities out of this world, I need to think of multiple strategies to defeat them.

The Seven Shards of Time. Ancient Relics needed by Kweku Anansi to accomplish his task, He intends to stop Time.” Berima said in thought oblivious to Sefako’s call.

” Berima, Berima “

” Oh oh yhh, was just thinking about something.” He said.

” Thinking of?? Or you still trying to decide on our relationship???” She asked with a smile.

” Ermm, yes, yh, ermm, still thinking yhh.” He said with a confused voice, and turned his eyes to look somewhere.

” I hope Arnaa is fine, by now.” Berima said in thought.

” Heyyyy, I was waiting for you back at home, and you left without my Concern??” Melee An Ebony skinned girl approached Berima from Behind, She held a green colored Basin in her hands.

Tall beautiful with dark brown eyes. Her hair was dark and curly, she smelt like Lavendar, a next neighbor to Berima.

” Ermm, sorry I didn’t see you around, and since my Mother was pressuring me I just had to join Sefako.” Berima explained as both Sefako and Melee exchanged a glare at each other.

” What on Earth, did this stupid Replica of mine do again??? I hope this does not repeat itself at school.” Berima said in thought.

It was night and the young lad sat on his bed reading through the strange book, with his strange eyes.

” You are really reading Alot these days Berima, especially that history book.” Yaa Asantewaa said appearing out of nowhere with the other legends freaking Berima out.

“What are you doing here?? How did you get here??” Berima asked as he toppled over and fell from the bed.

His bed sheet falling over his head.

” You are quiet organized I see, your room shows it all.” Anokye praised.

” Wow, what are those??” Tohazie asked rushing to pick one of Berima’s many shoes to which he had arranged on a rack.

” War Boots.” Asebu said, folding his arm in pride as if he had mentioned the tight thing.

” Those are sneakers.” Berima answered.

” They look like war Boots” Asebu insisted.

” They are not war Boots.” Berima urged.

” They are.”

“They are not!”

“They are!”

“They are not!!”

“They are!”

” I said they are not!!”

“I said they are!!!”

They two kept arguing over this very issue over what kind of shoes Berima wore.

” Cut it you two!” Shango shouted shutting both up in silence.

Berima and Asebu freezed as their eyes fell on Shango.

” They are War Sandals!!” Shango implied.

” No they are Not!!” Both Berima and Asebu Shouted, and it turned into a funny little arguement between the legends and the boy, calling his sneakers all sorts of names.

War boots,war sandals, war slippers, big sandals, Sandal boots and what have you, all these very strange words were used in argument over the shoes of Berima.

“SILENCE!!” Yaa Asantewaa shut the entire team.

The legends had almost filled the room, some sitting on Berima’s bed, some on his study chair, some on his cupboard whiles some sat on the floor with him.

” We came here with news.” Yaa Asantewaa said looking straight into Berima’s eyes.

“News??” Berima said looking into the face of the Legends, their faces suddenly turned dull.

YEAR: 1300 C.E




Loud drums and shouts caught the Entire capital of Katunga in great excitement, As the Robed Masqueraders appeared jumping and twirling in the Air, performing ritual dance, Leading observers to cheer up.

” They have Arrived.” Oro said.

” Guys, be on guard.” Anansiwaa informed her team.

The Gelede Festival had just began, the Market square was filled with tens of thousands of people moving to and fro. Loud drums filled the air and loud claps and singing roaming the air.

” The Gelede Festival can be celebrated anytime in the year, by the Yoruba. However this festival is celebrated to cleanse the empire of Pestilence, to induce rain, to enrich human fertility and to enlist the support of Supernatural forces upon the Empire.” Anansewaa informed the Other time Walkers as they hid in their positions.

” To enlist the Support of Supernatural forces??” Eda asked.

” Yep,”

” So does it mean that we might encounter one of these forces on our mission??” Abam asked.

” yes, But if they see we have the intention of trying to help them, they would be on our side.” Senam answered.

” Hm, we pray so.” Anansewaa said.

” Hmph, the first part of the festival has already been celebrated during the night before . Efe is what they call it.

Now this is the second part I see.” Anansewaa added with a smirk

Masqueraders begin to appear, dressed In colorful bright robes and wearing strange masks, some masks depicting animal faces, spirit faces and those of the gods.

Loud drums were being played as these Masqueraders danced According to the claps and beating of the loud drums.

Exhibiting moves, unusual moves as if possessed by dark spirits.

” Do you see him?” Oro asks AZIZA.

” Hmph, I do clearly, he’s leading the Chorograph.” Aziza said as her eyes turned into the color of flames.

” We will just have to capture him, is it?” Aziza asked.

” It seems they are planning on making a move, please non of you should engage into battle, no matter what just observe.” Anansewaa informed, as she watched with keen eyes the Kingslayers who sat on the tree.

” Well am leaving the capturing to you.” Oro tells Aziza.

She vanished in a burst of flames.

” Oro And Aziza are the ones we are dealing with here. Be careful not to engage, Get away from the premises. We need to escape from the Empire now.” A voice said.

” Aranaa???, Are you better already???” Eda said in shock.

” What?? What are you doing here??” Anansewaa asked.

” Coming to save your lives!” Aranaa informed.

” Have a done a critical research on these two. They are gods of the Yoruba Kingdom.” Aranaa said.

” Yh, we already know that.” Okechuku said.

” Yh, however You all have placed in your minds that Oro is deadly, but I tell you. Aziza is.”

“Huh????” All five said in shock.

” What do you mean by that??” Anansewaa asked.

” Oro is a good of the forest and is well versed in the Manipulation of Nature. However Aziza is the one Who manipulates flames, and knows the secrets behind flame manipulation. She is very dangerous. On par with Beenu of Egypt. Since the sun is up, She will notice us. And if we are found we are dead for good.” Aranaa informed.

” Retreat!! All of you!!” Anansewaa ordered.

” You guys should go, I will keep track of them.” Aranaa said.

” But-” Anansewaa said as Aranaa cut in.

” Am a rare soul, unlike you guys I am the best at hiding my Ashe. You all know that. There are trees around, and the Sun is up. There is no way you guys can hide from these gods. Their eyes are the sun and the trees.” Aranaa informed.

” Hmph- it seems the little spy children of the Shrine are Ranning away.” Aziza said with a wry smile.

” I know, those are just ants before our eyes, just focus on the mission now.” Oro said, As Aziza concealing herself in one of the Masqueraders danced According to the choreography getting closer to her Target.

” I will send my toys to deal with them tho.” Oro added.

” That sounds like a bright idea” Aziza said, as she moved ever closer to her Target.

The Time Walkers aimed to escape the Empire, for now only to be stopped by warriors who’s bodies were formed out of trees.

The Walkers without hesitating took out their water swords ready to battle the Tree Men, who rushed towards them with a deadly intent.

Back at the Masquerade Aziza danced perfectly until she got closer to the leader of the Masqueraders held his shoulder and vanished in a burst of wild flames which spread all the Villagers and other Masqueraders in fear.

What just happened was so strange and unbelievable, people ran Helter skelter around the market in search of safety from fear of the mysterious flame scene.

Night had drawn near, The Kingslayers held the man captive. He was tall, with strange green eyes like Oro, his skin was dark. And he appeared to be in his thirties.

” Who are you people?? And what do you want from me??” He asked angrily. His hands were tied by a strange leaf to his back. The leaf was Soo strong that no matter what he did he could not free himself.

You are the creator of the Masquerader’s edge is it?” Oro asked.

” What?? How did you??” The man said in shock, he believed his work to be a secret. The mask which could help locate the shards of time.

” We are Time Walkers, Mortal soul, we know everything.” Aziza said.

” Time Walkers?? Grandma was part of that secret society of Time Travellers. I’ve heard of stories. Those who walk in time.” He said with a feign in his face.

” What do you need me for?? Have done nothing wrong.” He said.

” We just need you to fix what you created then you will be free to live a happy life, with your wife and children.” Oro said.

” No one is supposed to use that mask, that is why I destroyed it myself! And sent it far away with one of Grandma’s strange technology she used.” He said.

The Kingslayers sensed something.

Especially Oro, who snapped his fingers in the night silence as the plants entangled someone hiding behind the bushes.

Being revealed from the Darkness, her green eyes were the first thing they saw.

” Hmph! You again.” Oro said.

” Ohh the Mask girl.” Aziza said slyly.

” I heard the Homunculus you created of her was defeated by her friends.”

The plant slowly brought Aranaa towards Oro’s deep emerald eyes.

” You never seem to give up, do you???” Oro asked.

” Hm, a rare soul.” Aziza added.

Aranaa at that moment intended to summon her mask, But she knew that no matter how special she was, she could not defeat the Two gods, she only struggled to release herself. Suddenly dust beads fell amongst the gods causing a wide dust explosion.

The Time Ghost unit, had not return home as Aranaa ordered, they came back to save her and the Mask Maker, But the fact was that Oro and Aziza, Were too fast for them, Hence their Mission to save Aranaa and the Mask maker failed.

They were all entangled by strong plants.

” Hm! Pathetic.” Oro said as he looked down on the six, who struggled to untangle themselves.

” So you are his daughter.” Aziza said as she beheld Anansewaa.

” Your father will be pleased to see you.” Aziza said with a smirk, as Anansewaa watched with angry eyes, an eye of hatred.


Berima and the legends stood quitely in his room that very night.

” Aranaa together with the Time Ghost Unit have been captured???” Berima said out of shock. His throbbing against his chest. Beads of sweat forming all over his face. The thing he wanted to prevent, Had caught his friends.

He saved them once from the hands of the Kingslayers, but this time he couldn’t, He only froze for a moment.

” What do you suggest we do?” Tohazie asked, the room was caught in silence, as cricket sounds began to walk through. All eyes on Berima. The legends wanted to hear his orders for he had proved to them, that he could lead them. Anything he said was Final.

” We cannot save them.” Berima said, and all the legends grew extremely shocked at his decision.

” But-” Queen Makeda tried to speak as she was cut in.

” This day might be the last of the Time Ghost Unit.” Berima added.

” Huh??What do you mean Berima??” Anokye asked.

” There is an eighty percent probability that Kweku Anansi will slay them all, except for his daughter.”

” Why do you say that?? And are you not disturbed??” Yaa Asantewaa asked as all Legends stared at Berima with shock.

” Whiles I returned from my training with you guys, I did some research on my own. About the Kingslayers. Kweku Anansi is not just about to stop Time, he is about to declare war on Clockwork Shrine itself.” Berima informed.

” What?????,” All Eight said in great shock.

” According to my research, each of the Eight Kingslayers left are all Kings over their own races, in other words Kweku Anansi has United Eight different races to war against Clockwork Shrine for the Relics. And since he has captured A number of our own, he is going to make his objective clear.” Berima said.

” A unison of Eight Different races??” Queen Amina asked.

” Yes, The Myth races have been United by Anansi by uniting their Kings. However we The Order from now on would be engaging in a series of Time Wars.”

” Time Wars??” Asebu said.

” Yhp, And all Eight of you have been long time victims of war. You already know how this will end. Anansi is going to kill The Unit. At that he is going to declare war on Clockwork Shrine itself.” Berima said as tears slowly feel from his eyes

” It is true, it is a fact, this is his opportunity to make his objective clear.” Tohazie said.

” It had began then.” Berima said as he took a marker from under his pillow drew the Nyame Dua symbol in the floor, and reactivated his Homunculus. Which came into life.

“Behave.” Berima told his Homunculus, as he stamped on the symbol with his feet activating the giant flower which swallowed him up together with the legends, leaving his Replica in the room.

” BERIMA!!!!!What is that sound???” His mother shouted.

“It’s Nothing oooo Maa, it’s my Phone.” His replica said.

A Time War was about to take place, This was to be the True fate of Young Berima. A War that would scar the Young lad’s heart for centuries to come. The True Fate of the Seventh Harbringer. FORGETTEN IS GONE, REMEMBER IS COME AND FOREVER IS STAY


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