My Epilogue.

I write this with a heavy heart, a lot of thought and thinking went into this, making this decision wasn’t easy, but for once I want to do this for me, at this moment it’s the best decision for me, I’m doing this for myself. I love writing, it’s the only thing that makes me … More My Epilogue.

aWriter’s Digest!

The misery of life, the scenery it brings.. Our beautiful environ  all lost in a blink.. Give nature a wink and help save it in a flash.. Cos it’s like people are in a rush to destroy our natural habitat.. Blame it on the black mentality or the white man’s brutality  to the black community.. … More aWriter’s Digest!

Things to give up if you want to be successful.

​Author – Emmanuel 1. Give up  on short term mindset.  Successful people set long term goals even when they  feel it might not be achieved but they make it their greatest  priority to achieve it. Your daily  habbit  is what  helps you  achieve  your long term goal. People  who set short term goals just think … More Things to give up if you want to be successful.

The End Product

Author: Kofi Wordz Twitter: @Owura_Quophi   Vigorously kneaded with expertise  and rolled into shape Slapping gently seems to be the norm, the reason quite eludes the ordinary Everything happens for a reason; this is certainly not a kickshaw In a burning furnace Tossed around to prevent burning Working on them with much gravity Hostile to … More The End Product