“You Probably Haven’t Noticed I Haven’t Written Anything in Months”

Hi, it’s me, Cle. Did you miss me? I doubt you did. You probably haven’t noticed I haven’t written anything in a while. For me, I won’t lie I do miss you reading my stories and poetry & I also miss writing them as well. There are so many piled up stories in my head … More “You Probably Haven’t Noticed I Haven’t Written Anything in Months”

He shot his shot

Shooting your shot has never been easy, it demands you put aside your pride and tell the one you really like, how you feel, the drawback is, your feelings might not be mutual 💔 There’s no formula for shooting your shot, you just have to be creative and cross your fingers. A reader drew inspiration … More He shot his shot


Ghana as a whole Enveloped with love Hostile to all. Corrupt or not; Perceptions vary. Together we have the grit and the guts Resources in abundance Creative minds, virile, combative & stubborn intellects ready to make an impact. Yet, each man intend on his private goal, With no feeling for the whole; “Tolerate none, Focus … More GH!

I shot my shot…

Decided to do a social experiment, the aim was to find out how many select female friends of mine would want to marry me in the future, the bait was “You know what? Mark today’s date, ‘cos despite our differences, I know I’m gonna marry you one day” below are screenshots of their first reactions … More I shot my shot…

@ 1

1st April 2016, I remember I was at the Cyber Arena Internet café trying to set up a blog for myself. Honestly I had no idea what I was doing, I thought having blog for my stories and poetry online was just awesome, that way I don’t lose records of it since the stories I … More @ 1


​I’m mad, I’m very angry I’m filled with rage, I feel like breaking something, anything, but I can’t I can’t ‘cause I’m broke, I cant afford to replace it I want to punch something but there’s nothing close Feel like I’m possessed, my rib cage moving up and down Fuck I’m I even writing? FUCK … More Goodbye

Submit your story, poetry, secrets and articles

Tales from Madina is now public, we introducing a new page called”SUBMISSION”, this page will have four new sub pages, 1.Short stories, 2.Poetry, 3. Articles and 4. Secrets. Under Short stories: the public would be allowed to send in their own stories to be published on talesfrommadina.com for free Under Poetry: the public would be … More Submit your story, poetry, secrets and articles