What’s my name??!!

Just imagine you had to sit through a boring Economics or Ceramics or physics or chemistry class for two periods till the closing bell sounds. Me I can’t endure it. I for go house go bed koraaa. The two periods is just after break, so if you wanna bunk classes, you’ll have to bounce during … More What’s my name??!!

my first love letter

I’ve always admired hand-written letters, it’s classic, authentic, original, fresh, the feeling is awesome! writing a letter to someone dearest to your heart and getting a reply is one of the little things in life that gives true satisfaction. writing love letters was a normal practice in school, it’s great when you write some, and … More my first love letter


Arriving to school late was a habit, sometimes it was deliberate, other times the traffic on the roads are just insane. I always fought my way to board a troski. I remember I got into a troski through the back window of the bus lool, others followed me, the hustle was real. I remember some … More #BackInSHS