The broken egg still liveth, to preserve it, it was frozen – unknown

“Nana Deidei?” I heard my mom called out my name whilst I was in my room preparing to go the hospital for anti-natal care.
“Yes mommy. I will be with you shortly.” I said this and headed to the living room to see her.

“I just want to inform you that Yayira Amuzu is here to see you. She just stepped out to receive a call.” My mommy was sitting in her favorite chair at the living room, watching the latest soap on her favorite TV channel. She love to wear loose cloths as that’s what makes her feel comfortable, she once told me.

“You mean it!? When did she arrived in Ghana? I never heard a gist of her return to Ghana.”

“Wait a second! Which kind gari wey you go chop wey e make your bell3 protrude like that?” Yayira shouted upon seeing me sitting in the chair next to my mom, with my left hand on my waist.

Yayira and I have been friends since childhood. We got separated when she had a scholarship to study IT in Chicago. Yayira is quite beautiful and a very interesting character to be with. We shared our future dreams together during our teenage days and the craziest thought we ever had was the fact that we wanted to be married to a set of twin brothers in our neighbourhood when we were growing up. We could fantasize around these brothers whom to us were the most handsome guys in our neighbourhood. Smart and intelligent guys. They dress to kill. When we were in high school they were in tertiary. We did everything possible to draw their attention to us by requesting academic help from them from time to time. But hey, these guys had their own plans so we couldn’t do much than to let them move on with their plans on travelling back to their father’s country, Nigeria.

Yayira left me some four years ago to pursue her studies abroad and now, here she is, all grown and beautiful, standing right in-front of me. As happy and shameful as I looked, I couldn’t help it than to break into tears. Is it tears of joy or shame? I couldn’t tell. It was a mixed feeling, I guess. I am pregnant without a husband. She isn’t. Maybe she is in a better state than I am.

“You aren’t here to make fun of me, are you? A hug.” I said, opening my arms to her whilst still sitting. She bowed to embrace me from where I sit. We kissed each other’s cheeks. I realized that my mom was paying much attention to what was happening live around her than to the soap she is supposed to be watching. Another scene is interfering with the earlier one. I guess.

“At least you should have let me know you will be coming to visit today.”
“I know. But I wanted to surprise you until you decided to surprise me the most. Who is responsible for our prince or princess to be?” Yayira rubbed her right hand on my stomach and kissed it.

My mom decided to leave the living room to us and so she just gave an excuse that she is going to prepare us something to eat.

“I was about to visit the hospital for anti-natal care. You don’t mind coming with me, do you?” I asked Yayira, as I got up to pick my bag up.

“No I don’t mind. My question is still not answered. He is not married to you yet, I suppose …”

“Yes. He isn’t. Cledre. The guy I told you about some years ago that he came to fill in the relationship vacuum in my life. He is currently not in the country. He told me that he is now married to another woman in Germany and he is into business with her. But he sends some money to me for the embryo. Don’t laugh.” I cautioned her. She started to laugh.

“Why shouldn’t I, really, an embryo … hm, somebody wants a seed to germinate to form a zygote and develop further into an embryo, it hasn’t happened yet. So how many months is he or she or better still he-she. You too, don’t laugh.” We both burst into laughter.

“He-she is five months old. Yayira please do me the honour by driving, will you?”
“Sure will. I am yet to get a car though. My daddy has promised me one, so just looking forward to that. How is business?” yayira asked, when we sat in the car and were driving towards ridge hospital.

“Business is flourishing, by God’s grace.”
We had a long chat and after I had seen the gynecologist who normally attends to me, we went to the dispensary for some medication that was prescribed by her. We continued our chat when we were driving back home.

“Naa, you don’t have to give up okay? I know that times like this may be difficult for you but just keep on hoping for the best. If Cledre was to be around, especially now that your stomach is protruding …” she said amidst chuckling and continued; “some press ups wouldn’t have been bad at all. Is usually good for first timers like you I learnt …”

“Chale, when the time comes for me to push I will push so I’m not really bothered about that.”

We are home now and my mom is quite busy arranging utensils at the dining table. It appears to me that we are going to have a feast tonight.
“Ladies, how did it go?”

“Mommy, I am the only lady here at the moment.” Yayira said in a joking manner. “The one with me is an old woman.” We all laughed.

“Mom …”, I say, grabbing some mangoes from the table; “Yayira wants to be at war with me. I will visit her with the trouble she is looking for …”

“What was the doctor’s response after examining you?” my mother asked, when we all settled to eat.

“More medication. As usual. The baby is doing well, I just have to work for lesser hours now a days and eat well, and do a little bit of walking.”

“That’s fine. Why don’t you take a week or two off work next month?” my mother suggested.

I love what I do as a career and would always love to be at work. But, I guess this time around I need to listen to my mother.

“I will mom, the ladies will take care of the place if only you could supervise them once a while on my behalf.” I requested.

“That won’t be an issue. I am not too old as you perceive me to be.”
Yayira appears to be left out at this time.

“Yayira …” my mom called out her name; “you are part of this family so stop behaving like a stranger and join the conversation okay.”

“Certainly, mother.” Yayira responded in a shy tone.

“Naa, my birthday party is coming on this weekend. Will you come over to my house? Please.” Yayira requested.

“I would love to but …”

“Hey, you don’t have to worry about this. You just have to be present and even if you don’t want to mingle, you will just be in my room, okay?” she stood to aid my mother clear the table.


I escorted Yayira to Alisa Hotel, where she chartered a taxi cab. We exchanged kisses and the taxi drove off.

Walking back home, all that I can do right now is to think my unborn baby and the kind of life I need to plan for ‘he-she’ as Yayira will say. As marriage is now out of the picture, I need to figure out how to overcome my daily thoughts about Cledre and just move on. The money he sends is good. The lovely messages he sends to the embryo is quite interesting, but he isn’t mine any more. No man will ever come near a pregnant woman. Trust me you, the least I can do is to live without a man in my life.

I find it difficult to live as single even though my mother will provide me with all the companionship I may stand in need of. I still love to be with a man. Somebody I call my own. One that I can just be at the pool side with and fix my glance on his muscles and watch him display all the swimming skills he has acquired. Talking about swimming, the only person still on my mind is Cledre and no one else. He really feels proud any time I just stare at him take off his shirt pull him over to myself from his belt and kiss his bare chest.

He will then pull me from my tights and at times like this I know what to expect afterwards.

Little did I know that I am just in-front of the gate of my mother’s house day dreaming and freezing, I just hope that my mother has prepared warm water for me to shower. I can always count on her for this.

“Old woman …” I heard my mother call out from the balcony.

“Seriously … mother. You too …”

“Make haste, your water will get cold.”

“Okay, old, old woman.”

Like I always say, I love my mother very much.

I intend leaving my business under my mother’s control now. I can spend more time at home. Let’s just say that I am on maternity leave.

Yayira’s birthday is here. I don’t know how I am going to fit in there. Hope I am able to. I have to order some red velvet cake to be delivered to her before I get to her house. She still lives at Parakuo estate at Sakomono, where we both grew up until my mother and I relocated to her new house at North Ridge.

I have ordered the cake to be delivered to her. Now, what am I going to wear on this occasion is what I am thinking about. I just don’t want to be in trouser and an African print blouse. This is the attire for the party. My phone is ringing …
“Yayira, have you received the package?”

“That’s not why I called. You aren’t here … will you be coming? All the same thanks for the cake and yes I have received it.”

“Yes I will be coming. Just that I want to wear something I will feel much comfortable in. The proposed dress code just isn’t going to suit my current condition …”

“Hey, I am sorry, I should stated exceptions. You are not included okay. Just wear whatever you want to. Like the loose African print dress you wore to the hospital the other time.”

“Yeah. That’s what I am thinking of. I will in your house in about an hour and half.”

“You should. Take care, bye.”

“Sure, you too, bye.”

I am a make-up artist and even in my pregnant state, I still do it to perfection. I love my new look I don’t know why pregnancy should alter my appearance. I always want to look gorgeous, and I am on point today too.

I have just arrived at the entrance to estate but these security men won’t allow me in until they have a conversation with Yayira to do so. I learnt there has been several theft cases in the area so the people living there have employed security men at the main entrance to the estate. Without confirmation from a known resident in the estate, a stranger won’t be allowed into the estate. The confirmation was done quickly and I drove into the estate. It’s about time I stop driving. I thought.
“Wow! I thought this was just going to be a handful of people.” I said this to Yayira when she came to hug me from my side.

“Hmm. I invited on person, and one person invited another person to come with her or him. but is not really an issue though. There is enough for everybody. What do you think of the décor? Beautiful isn’t it?”

“It’s perfect. Too perfect for a birthday.” We both laughed and in an attempt to get into the house to exchange pleasantries with her parents, but we had to stop by and say hello to few familiar faces.

At this time, I know there isn’t going to be any form of attraction to any guy around because of my pregnancy. It’s kind of a bodyguard to me. I can’t afford to be in another relationship. Maybe, not now.

We are now in the living room where her parents are watching Aljazeera.
“Parents can be boring at times, Naa.”

“I know right.” We chuckled.

“Naa …” Mrs Amuzu got up to embrace me. Kissed my forehead and beckoned that I sit next to her. “I heard about your ‘condition’ just some few days ago. You should have come to visit. I hope you are eating well.”

“Yes, I am mother.”

“Naa, how is your mother faring?” Mr Amuzu asked me, in an attempt to stop his wife from lecturing. I smiled are responded.

“She is very well, Sir.”

Yayira beckoned to leave the room and she left.

“Naa, like I said, you have to eat very well. Whatever you take into your body, the baby eat same. So please, be very careful with your diet. Let your mother control your diet, you appreciate it right?”

“Yes, mother, I do.”

“And don’t let anything bother you at all. Think less, have enough rest and free your mind of anything that will be bothersome to you …”

“Naa, you came to have some fun right? Join the guest outside, when you are tired you can then come inside to continue with this lecture that I don’t know when it is going to end.”

“Efo, first thing first la!” Mrs. Amuzu cut in. “Anyways, Naa, please join them outside okay, and don’t forget what I have said earlier.”

“Yes mother.” After this response, I left the room to where the meals were been served to assist. Yayira came to grab my hand and told me to sit and relax.
“I want to introduce you to somebody.” Yayira said.

“Who could that be? I’m not ready if it is a man. Besides I am already secured.”
“Please, spare me that. Say it to those who will listen.”

We are now at a table where one prince charming is seated. He appears to be very young, but he may not be that young. He stood to help us with a seat. We sat and Yayira decided to break the ice.

“Enoch, meet Naa. Naa, meet Enoch. We studied IT at Chicago together. He requested to have a chat with you, Naa. That’s why I came to grab you here. No offence please. He saw you when you came in.”

Trust me, I didn’t know what to think. I am pregnant and that’s obvious so what’s this meeting about? Well, maybe not what I am thinking.

“Is a pleasure meeting you, Naa.”

“The pleasure is all mine. Nice meeting you. I would like to get back into the house, I was into a conversation with Mrs. Amuzu ealier on …”

“You need not worry about that. You can come around at any time to continue with it at wherever you ended okay.” Yayira said and stood up to leave. “I have to attend to the other guests, I will join you guys shortly.” She left, and I turned to look at her back. This is not what Yayira and I agreed on. She told me I was going to be in the room and relax for goodness sake.

I then turned to look at prince charming, looking into his eyes to figure out his intentions. ‘What are you going to do with a pregnant woman?’ I asked. He cleared his throat and started to talk. I know men. It is quite easy for me to identify some of their symptoms of ‘I want to know you more. Tell me about yourself.’ They were all over him. Sincerely speaking, as charming as he appears to me, I don’t want to give in. I just want to focus on my pregnancy and probably think of relationship when my child is about five years old. By then I will be about thirty nine years old!

Enoch leaned forward with his hands clasped, looked straight into my eyes and whispered, “You are extremely beautiful.” I just sighed and looked else-where – where the ladies were busily chatting with each other and sipping their glass of wine. I may be interested in the conversation or not but I don’t think I need this now.

“I inquired from Yayira if you are married but she told me you aren’t, so I requested that she invites you over. Please don’t take any offence, I sincerely want to know if you are going to be married to the father of your unborn child. If you are, then I will gently walk away but if you are not, then I can only promise you one thing, I am going to make you my wife.”


story by: Princess Blessing

@AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2018 by @AbokiCleDre

All rights reserved. No Copy and Paste. Unlawful copy of this piece is prohibited. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at the address below.


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